Thursday, October 30, 2008

update on hearing test, and Emma

Hearing test, not too bad. Hearing loss in Rt ear, not "significant", but it is to me. I used to have canine hearing, and I feel the difference. It always feels clogged to me. About the filtering problem, I have to get back to the ENT with the test results and go from there with her treatment recommendations. Robert read of a treatment on the net about wearing white noise earplugs all the time to train the ear to filter sounds better. Dunno, we'll see what the ENT says.

Not feeling well these past few days. I don't want to write about it in detail because it sounds too whiny to me. Physically & emotionally down, trouble sleeping. So what's new. I wish I had a therapist, but I'm told to be patient & I'll hear from the one the hospital said I will work with. Basically I went home from there after 3 weeks with no treatment (TMS starts in mid Nov., at best), and no therapist. I feel at a loss as to how to cope. I feel sad.

There are 3 puppies left... and my Emma. I am looking forward to all the remaining puppies going to new homes (although they are so cute, but they are typical high strung puppies, and I need more quiet these days), then I can take Emma into the house finally. We started giving her immunizations, and she's in good shape, says the vet. I miss her when she's out there (in a sheltered doggie house space). The pups need her around, even though they don't nurse anymore, so I can't seperate them, so that's why I am eager to find the remaining ones good homes. So far, people have been thrilled and warm & in love with the puppies they chose and took home. I even got a picture sent to me on my cell phone with the puppy in her new home and a thank you from the family. :-) that was nice.

Going to wind down now & go to sleep. Robert is working late today, and the kids are quiet. It'd be nice to have Emma around in the house with me. Soon.

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