Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Wednesday

And the results are still nowhere to be found. I am totally flabbergasted at the incompetence. And I don't get flabbergasted much. What is flabbergasted, anyway? Anyone use that word anymore? Well, I just did, didn't I. But I digress...

I called three times, and once actually got disconnected while I was being transferred to another person. Robert made a joke; here is the menu when you call Hadassa Ein Karem:

"For Hebrew, press 1"
"For English, press 2"
"For Arabic, press 3"
"For Russian, press 4"
"If you are Sarah Klein, please hang up and try tomorrow"

I am supposed to call the chief MRI secretary chick in an hour. If this gets nowhere, I plan to send a copy of the disk elsewhere; to my infectious disease doctor in Ichilov hospital. He said he has a good person to read MRI's. But he first wanted to see the results himself. Yeah, well, that may not happen.

I thought of asking all of you to put in one call on my behalf, and that may disturb them enough to make it a priority, but then again, it may not. Don't bother. I'll deal with this.

So many challenges.

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