Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The kids finish school in 15 days!!!!

This is great. The pressure of homework is off. The pressure is off of getting them to school on time. Time is in general more relaxing.

Dov is going to camp on July 5th. Shifra and Azriel will be in their day camps until the first week of August. Ya'akov will be home, I think, unless we find something... we haven't had time yet to really start calling around (there are unexplored options). But, just today I spoke with my friend, the mother of Ya'akov's friend in England, and we tentatively planned a week-long trip for Ya'akov to England!!!! He would leave a week after my surgery on the 21st, and come back on the 28th or 29th. So exciting. He literally started bouncing off the walls (jumping on and off the couches) when I told him. :-) Now we have to find a reservation for him that includes an escort.

I think I am mostly worried about August. I have a pretty good feeling that I won't be so up & around, and none of the children have a program yet. If I could find a nanny with a driver's license, I'd possibly buy a subscription to a pool. I have 2 good swimmers, Shifra has had lessons, and Azriel goes into the kiddie pool. It's better to have two supervising people there, though. I don't know. I am just worried. Also Robert wants to find a good time in August to travel to America to take care of his stuff in his father's home. I pray and pray and pray that this will all work out for all of us.

But it is so nerve-wracking.

I feel like I am nesting to get ready for my baby's due date; having to massively organize everything, arrange after-birth recovery and quiet time with the new baby.
But, alas, it is in preparation for a big, icky surgery. Same sort of preparation, though, but done with more nervous energy than excitement, you know? And yes, fear. Fear of infection, fear of pain. Fear of the pressure of having kids at home.

Now (literally now, I gotta go!) I have to go to an end-of-the-year ceremony at D & Y's school. Shifra's was last week. Azriel's is next week.

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