Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cookies, my book, and the aftermath

I did it-- I started the book!

I know it'll take many many hours of reading over my three years of entries. I have to read through a lot of my writing to feel how I'm guided with this. And every time I read, I am just drawn into it. I read like 15 or 20 posts at a time and then make sense out of it. I have a good start. I'm so relieved to have started. It's like been this entity in me with a life of its own, dying to get started. Things are so different feeling that first year, when I was writing on Caringbridge, than they are now. Evolution of an illness. I am just so different. That is what this book will express by the time I'm done. With the help of Gd.

In other news... my friend came over this evening with a bag of dreams for me... in the form of chocolate chip cookies... WARM, MELTY, and FRESH!!! OMG, it is my most favorite food in the entire galaxy. I snarfed down a bunch while we leisurely talked. Oh, my dear Miriam... you are sent by angels.

But... my poor tummy... I. think. I. ate. too. many.
~~~~~~[gross alert coming up]~~~~~~~~

Ever heard the expression to woof your cookies? Um, well, I get it now. Woof. It was so bad, and such a waste on so many levels. And my poor achin' gut. I spent the next hour writhing in pain, passing all sorts of what seemed like real body parts there on the porcelain pot. It may have been partially because of the new pain meds I tried today, this type are put into that same general area. It helped calm the pain, actually, but when I ate, my gut was soooooo displeased with what I'd done. And, well, the particular form of the medicine may not have been ideal.

So here I am. at 1:45am, trying to fall asleep after taking all sorts of stuff. My gut hurts so bad. We didn't need that whole throwing up scene, really. So owwwww.

I took Percocet, melatonin, and sleeping pills. That was an hour ago, and it's just not happenin. I'm going to read a book now and turn off this screen. I've been at it all day with emails and then the book project.

I hope this whole stomach problem resolves itself. Geez. My poor bruised gut and graft. I look like I did a few rounds prize-fighting.
Heal baby, heal. Momma needs you.

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  1. Congratulatons on starting the book!!!

    I hope you've recovered from that awful pain episode.