Friday, July 23, 2010


Bad, awful, terrible day. The pain can be just astonishing. This surgery is just a nasty one. We almost went to the hospital today because the pain was so bad. It was quite a bit worse than it had been in the past few days.

We called the ward in Asuta where I was last week and spoke to the doctor on call. My doctor wasn't around at the time. He said that yes, there can be worse days in recovery, and he didn't seem overly concerned. I have no fever, and still have my appetite, so he suggested we ride it out for a while. We, or course, are worried about some sort of abscess or something. The hernia area is still swollen and very, very painful, and feels like a steel ball is in there.

The hardest part is trying to control the pain so I can... well breathe, for starters. I took two Percocets and two Voltarin and it got the pain down a little. It's crazy. That's a *lot* of drugs.

After they wore off, and the pain was frighteningly increasing again, Robert remembered that I have Morphine pills which he saw rummaging in my medicines once trying to find something for me. He suggested trying that, and YEAH, I did. It helped a lot more. And surprisingly enough, it didn't make me as loopy as the Percocet does. We're going to stick with Morphine for a while (it's "MIR"- morphine immediate release. I have a bunch of them from the PVNS pain days.)

In the meantime, Shabbat is descending upon us very soon, and I look forward to quiet time devoted to our two small children at home, and to resting. It's hard for me to get spiritual with this minute-to-minute pain thing, but I have some very meaningful conversations with Gd these days.

It's hard to concentrate on anything, actually.
Just getting through the hard stuff... that's all I can try to do. I'd love visitors, BTW- I get lonely upstairs, and I can't get around the house very often, or very well. Just call first.

Shabbat Shalom

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