Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mom is a sitting duck

I think the kids are really grooving on having a mother who is always in one place. They come up here to my room and hang with me. Well, this is how it goes:

Azriel (almost 5 y.o.!) comes up most often. His main goal is to get snuggles and suck his thumb while stroking the inside of my arm or my cheek. (I know, weird, he'll grow out of it.. right?)

Next frequent visitor is Ya'akov (10 y.o.). He comes to talk. And talk and talk and talk. Although he always asks me how I'm doing, and always wants to know if today is better than yesterday. He's been opening his heart to me about some problems he is struggling with, and I feel so honored. I often don't have answers to fix his problems, but I get the opportunity to talk with him about emunah in Hashem, and that the hard things we get in our lives guide us exactly to how to fix them.

Next visitor drops in less frequently, but she comes with urgency. Shifra (7 1/2 y.o.) always comes bouncing in and jumps on the bed. She is the one who always asks me what I need; can she get my anything. Sometimes she comes in so I can braid her hair before swimming lessons, but sometimes it's just to check on me and get some good huggin' lovin'.

I don't see Dovie very much (almost 12). When he does come up he often has a deck of cards and wants to play the game he taught me and always wins at. Or to do magic tricks he's learned. He doesn't have much to report to me, or to specifically talk about, but he pops in and says hi, and asks permission to go places or do things.

Robert comes up either to organize himself before an outing, or to bring me special foods I've requested. Just about anything I request. I wanted red licorice last night, and he went to 4 small town stores in our neighborhood to search some out for me. He found it. Although quite overpriced, he bought me some. Today he made me something which I **love**, and I didn't ask for it... he made me sushi. It was a surprise for me. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well most of today, so I didn't feel I could eat it.
Hopefully tomorrow.


  1. I was just passing through but took a moment to read your latest post... It seems like you had a nice day, minus being able to truly enjoy the sushi. Next time you have the opportunity... enjoy that sushi a little more than you thought you could. Many blessings and loving energies...

  2. I enjoyed learning about the specialness of each of your children!