Tuesday, August 24, 2010

orthopedic oncologist visit- one year post surgery

Things went pretty smoothly today, thankfully. Lots of transportation, and that was not easy, but I made it there and back with no glitches whatsoever.

The only thing is that the goal of these visits with Prof Meller at Ichilov is to walk out with a slip of paper in your hands to make another appointment in another 6 months for the next follow-up. That means that everything is fine. I didn't get that when I left today. I got put into a holding pattern again... they want to review my MRI more closely with the radiological specialist who did my original biopsy (the biopsy done under CT).

My physical exam showed less range of movement, like I reported. My pain is about the same, though, so I think it is unlikely there is progression of the disease. There can be many reasons for limited motion in my thigh joint-- like lots of scar tissue, or my discontinuation of PT and swimming for a few months. (I really want to get a subscription the indoor pool at the University-- as soon as I am up to going swimming regularly... very soon!). So, they took my MRI disk, and will review it with the radiological specialist, and get back to me in two to three weeks.

One of the ortho oncologist partners said to me that he feels it was a very good move to do the abdominal mesh/hernia surgery that I just did. He knows the surgeon- Dr. Szold- and felt very positive about me having done it with Szold. So that was confirming.

So, I thought the MRI was an open and shut case with the report saying there has been no change... but now I have to wait a bit for my doctor to confirm (or reject?) that evaluation. I have a feeling, though, that it'll be OK. I don't even want to "go there" to think about treatment options if they discover something problematic. I don't like these holding patterns that they do. Oh well.
We have to accept the things we cannot change, don't we.

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