Friday, October 15, 2010

Impromptu press conference

I know You are listening Gd. I KNOW YOU ARE.

I'll ask the questions, and You can answer when you know it is time for me to know the answers.

About the subject of pain:
Where do You feel You are going on the issue of relentless pain? Do You see a future in medicating it, or could You tell us if it is going to go away really soon? Tomorrow?

If it is not going away, should we seek long-term pain control medicines, or is the acupuncture plan the correct plan of action? Do you forsee more surgical procedures as necessary to alleviate pain? Exactly what is Your platform on that, please.

With Your concept of pain, if, indeed the answer is that it will be long-term, is Your solution large-scope enough to actually create the conditions that a family needs? For instance- removing the adverse effects like: inability to cope, very short attention span because of distracting pain, discomfort, irritability, fatigue? Does Your solution to the pain problem involve restoring vitality and general well-being?

Now, if I may go out on a limb here, Gd, while I've got You-- could you *PLEASE* bless someone *really soon* to create a cure for cancer?? Really, Really soon. OK?

End of press confernce.

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