Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Picture time

When I ran into the rebbetzin (rabbi's wife) at the hospital in Jerusalem on Saturday evening, she commented that it had been a while since I posted pictures (she follows my blog). I admitted my negligence. So, with her inspiration, I uploaded some recent pictures and am posting them. There are before and after pictures of our house painting and pergola, and a few children, too. :-)

I apologize in advance for the bad caption editing; I am no good at negotiating weird margin and editing problems.

Before painting... dull white house with stuff quite undone.

Two colors; tan with olive green on the deck
The view of our front door

After! View from our front gate

Our happy succah!

Azriel and his Legos

Children flopping their heads in the same way asleep in the van...ZZzzzzz

Shifra and her yummy dimples!

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