Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Home, thank Gd

Spent the whole day in that place. It was an especially busy day there in Soroka ER-land. I waited 3 hours before a doctor's exam.

So, eventually they took me to get the CT scan, and it was about an hour more to get results, but we were patient.

I arrived there with kidney pain and a fever. The fever actually went up after a few hours, even though I had taken Voltarens. I felt so lousy and fluey.

Diagnosis: kidney stones-- pebbles, actually. They saw them in the CT. The doctor said they are very small. (although they feel like BOULDERS). And the fever? Well, the doctor said that is most likely the flu. Coincidence, apparently... no signs of infection.

So, my instructions are to drink a billion cups of water a day and pray that the stones will pass. In two weeks I am supposed to have a renal function test. Sounds fun, right? Geez, pain is just taking over the scene.

I think pain needs to know that 'the scene' is not up for negotiation for a take over.


  1. Pain and fever are most common symptoms and they may appear in combination of almost every disease. In short, it can be everything and anything. Hope that in your case is second option present.

  2. I'm glad you now know why you're having back pain. May it go away quickly.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I have done no research to see if there is a scientific or confirmed basis for this, but I once heard that eating piles of onions can dissolve kidney stones. I will see if I can find if there is any basis for this - maybe you want to look, too.

    Good luck!

  4. Eating piles of onions... hmmm.. I may not go for that... I'd be worried about all the other things it'd dissolve, also... not to mention the mutiny from one's loved ones! I did consider it for a few milliseconds, though. :-)