Tuesday, November 30, 2010

honeymoon is over

It was a very short marriage, the union if Oxycod and I.

I can't write much now because I am still in the throws of a messy divorce.

Up most of the night with a migraine and terrible nausea-- the kind which closely resembled what happened to me in Ichilov Hospital in July when I had the BAD reaction to the morphine.

I took Oxycod twice yesterday, with a 7 hour break in between. Thought it'd be OK, but it's not. I *loved* it. It *really* helped. I guess the other shoe fell... I hope for a better solution.

Maybe the pain management/anesthesiologist in Jerusalem that I am going to see will have a solution for me that is like a mini-epidural targeting only the nerves that cause the pain. That would be better for me than narcotic pain relief. Morphine and I are parting ways. Robert thinks I should try it one more time, just one dose for the day, and maybe that would be OK; that maybe it was the two doses in one day that put me over the edge. But, a) it doesn't last long enough for it to be only once a day, and b) I am scared of this migraine headache and nausea reaction.

I made an appointment to see my surgeon (from July) on Thursday. I want some peace-of-mind that the mesh is holding up ok despite the pain I am having. Fever was normal yesterday (thank Gd), but pain was high. It is a trip into Tel Aviv which I'd rather not do on the first day/second night of Chanukah, but his secretary said he'd be away for three weeks after this week. That's how things go, isn't it.

I have to close down now-- my head is hurting a lot, still the allergic reaction to the Oxycod... I think.

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