Tuesday, November 23, 2010

pain clinic in Jerusalem

A few friends wrote me emails after reading my post on the "medical reality". Everyone is trying to help. Many different types of suggestions, and each suggestion was given out of their personal experiences with certain types of therapies/ treatments. There was one person who reminded me of the medical Rav who we have used in the past, asking if maybe he can help now finding a pain specialist that I wouldn't have to wait 10 months to see.

After reading her letter, I told Robert that I need help with this ASAP. Being in pain all day every day is not an acceptable situation. I don't think I can passively wait ten months to find a solution. And being that there are so many pain clinics around this country, it is impossible to know which one to call. We decided to call the Rav and see who he would suggest. Thanks, JG, for reminding us to use our resources!

When I finally got through to him, he quickly recommended a specialist in the pain/anesthesia clinic in Hadassa Ein Kerem- Jerusalem. It is a **huge** shlep for me to go there, especially on any sort of regular basis for treatments. Train to Jerusalem is long and very cumbersome with an illogical switch. The bus is... the bus; uncomfortable, crowded and long to get to J'm. Driving would be the best option, but I would want Robert to come with me; it is too much for me to do it alone at this point. Going to that particular hospital is far from my first choice. BUT, if this is the doctor that comes recommended, I should give it a try. I have no other leads.

I called today and was told to call tomorrow to speak to the right person. I also have the phone number for his private clinic, but I want to try in the hospital first because of the financial issues about going private.

I'll keep you posted (duh) on what happens with that. Let's hope they have appointments in a timely fashion.

(there is another post I wrote today as well... a good read about Gapey... it is here)

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