Saturday, November 27, 2010

waiting out this wave

For some unknown reason, I had fever all Shabbat. Either it's just a flu, or Something Is Going On.

I have been having lots of pain from the recent hernia/mesh surgery (from July).
Wed. was the ER visit with the kidney stone diagnosis, so on Thursday and Friday I chose to take the Oxycodone that I had stashed away for a year, since the PVNS surgery last year. I just made a decision that there was no way on this good earth that I needed to be in more pain. The Oxycod made me feel soooo goood. I was out of pain for the first time in who-knows-when, and the opiate made me feel light. I was happily making food for Shabbat, changing bed linens, and being with the family. Robert & I were joking around together and things felt **normal**.

Then Friday night hit hard. Oxycod wore off, and I was hit with *huge* pain. The hernia/mesh surgical area hurt more than it had in months, since the early days of recovery. That much. Doubled over. I couldn't eat. I went straight to bed, leaving the table a mess, and children (plus their friend who was sleeping over) all awake for Robert to deal with.

Woke up Shabbat morning hoping to go to shul, feeling OK. Got dressed in Shabbat clothing, and then felt a rapid deterioration happen to me. The fever came on fast and strong. I decided to stay home and got back into comfy clothes. By the time Robert and the children came home from shul, I had slowly set the table and prepared some stuff for our meal, but I was shaking with chills. I took Advil, put on a wool sweater and Robert's pull-over fleece and waited for the fever to go down. I shed the fleece when the fever broke. I was able to spend some time with the family, thank Gd. I even played ball game with Ya'akov on our deck.

The surgical pain is still there but less, the kidney stone pain is very faint, and I am going to bed now. I have a slight worry that there may be some sort of abscess or collection happening in the surgical area which may be causing the pain and fever. I am consdering calling the surgeon to go see him, but I don't want to go all that way for nothing. He'll just tell me that he doesn't have experience with a patient with this much pain four months after a procedure, and the fever is probably the flu. I think I just want to hear that the mesh is holding up fine.

I wonder if the kidney CT I had on Wednesday at the hospital would show if I had an abscess there under Gapey. The CT was taken while I was lying on my stomach, so I tend to think not. Maybe I could try to find out about that? Oy, requesting something from Soroka hospital. A headache I'd rather do without.

I also don't want to overreact. I have a tendency to do that because of all I've been through. Let's just see what tomorrow will bring.

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