Friday, December 24, 2010

It's bark was worse than it's bite

So, I did it. I smeared hot pepper cream all over my thigh. Now *there's* a sentence I could have never predicted I'd write!

I decided to try it. Why? A burst of bravery, perhaps. Also I felt I couldn't call Dr. D. without the credibility of saying yes, I tried it. So, I tried it. And yes, it stung. And the parts of the thigh that are particularly sensitive hurt deep within the tissue. That initial stinging pain lasted about a half hour, then subsided. It leaves a rubbery film on the skin where you've spread it.

Then I put it on again the next morning, and again in that afternoon. What I learned is that one definitely needs rubber gloves. The first few times I put it on without, and even after soaping up my hands three times vigorously, it stung my eyes when I touched them.That stuff is po--tent!! The next application was supposed to be around dinner time, but I missed it... by a lot. The evening got too busy, and then an impromptu dinner out with friends made the whole issue slip my mind. At the restaurant, the thigh skin hurt a lot more than it had before. The directions for this stuff say that if you skip a treatment, it will hurt more, and, well, I already tested the theory and proved it correct. :-/ I applied it again at 11pm (with rubber gloves), then again this morning. So far today, OK.

I am going to try by best to keep this up. I'll know pretty soon if it is just not practical. I'll also run out of the stuff pretty quickly. It's not a large tube. The directions say to use an amount like the size of your fingernail. Ummm, yeah. Well, if you need to put it on a whole thigh, it'll take a bit more than that. A whole splurt, and then some. (owiee stinging as I write this). I hope that if I can stick it out, the area will be completely numb permanently. Wouldn't that be **heaven**? (well, if you're me, that is)

I am supposed to wait a few weeks (or 3 or 4) to know if it'll work on a long term basis or not. I hope I am up to the task.

Meanwhile, I am now waiting to see if the Lyrica gets approval from the kupat cholim health care fund. My family doctor said that since I am already taking one medicine that needed special approval, there is a possibility that they won't approve this second one (money-- it is an expensive drug apparently). I am still not sure if I want to start it, based on what I've heard as side effects, and people's live accounts of experience with these side effects. But first I'll see if they approve it.

If not, decision made, and I will call Dr. D for another recommendation. If it *is* approved for me, I have a decision to make. For the time being I am just waiting to know where I stand with the approval.

I am also trying to ditch this flu. I felt better yesterday (Thurs), and did lots of stuff and even went out to dinner. But then today I am flu-ey feeling again. There are green martians living in my chest cavity and sinuses. And my voice is almost gone. Icky-poo.

Hopefully It'll be another low-key s l e e p y Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom!
(and Merry X-mas for my friends in America who are having their holiday this Shabbat!)

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