Tuesday, January 4, 2011

accidental overdose

Another blip in the radar of recovery.
But before I write about that, I want to say that things actually have been going pretty well. I've had some really positive, active days with good strength and joy. The kids and I have been in a good groove. I've been full of gratitude, and have made some good progress on my book. I've had some great recovery going on, giving me a natural high, despite the constant pain.

So, yeah, about that pain...
After I found out from the health fund that the medicine that Dr. D recommended had been approved, I decided to give it a go. If it wasn't good, I could stop any time. This is the one called "Lyrica".
I had the prescription filled, and took it when I got home in the early afternoon.

There were no effects that I felt within the first hour, so that was good as far as allergies. I did have a sort of high feeling of well-being, and I wasn't sure if that was from the med, or because I was truly feeling well (despite having pain).
I remembered that Dr. D said that the dosage is two pills a day (am & pm), so I took another at night before I went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night with dizziness and a bad headache, heading towards a migraine. I didn't think about the drug at the time, I just thought I needed to sleep more.
But in the morning, it was worse. Full-blown migraine, and dizziness. The migraine was exactly the type I get when I take morphine, so I knew it was the medicine. And the dizziness is a known side-effect of the Lyrica, so I knew it was also from that.

Then, I thought to myself that it'd be good to find the note paper that I wrote down the details of my conversation with Dr. D when we spoke about the medicines he was recommending. I found it in an unlikely place, but not that unlikely, because I knew to look there...

That little page of my notes uncovered the mystery of why I felt that way... I overdosed myself on the first day. The directions were to take *one* at night for the first week, then increase it to one in the morning as well. I had taken two that first day, and with only 8 or so hours between the doses. A bit overenthusiastic, one may say. Another one may say... DUH! Boy I felt dumb. And boy, was I suffering for my mistake.

All day in bed, suffering with the dizzy migraine, and feeling exhausted and *awful*. I missed the parent/teacher conferences for the boys' school. Robert couldn't find a babysitter, so he couln't go in my stead. We'll reschedule, I guess.

I'm going back to sleep now, hopefully for the night. I'm still hung-over from my accidental overdose.
I plan on starting the "Lyrica" again possibly tomorrow evening, and doing it right this time.

Not my best moment, you might say.

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