Thursday, February 3, 2011

The good and bad of a kidney scan

The only good thing about the kidney scan yesterday was that while at the hospital I ran into my favorite nurse from the maternity ward.

This nurse, before she was in the maternity ward, was a nurse in Intensive care. She was the one I woke up to when my eyes could focus. She said "Sarah... it's me... do you recognize me? You're going to be OK".

Why would I have recognized a nurse in the ICU ward if I had never spent time there before?
Because I helped her birth her second baby. Way back before I was ever sick in the slightest. That birth was particularly memorable for me. Not only was it on my own birthday, but it was one of the first that I did for the requirements for my doula certification. And it was a lovely couple.

So, she's pregnant now with #4. Turns out that her third birth was an awful exprince for her, unfortunately. I told her I will help her with this one. (she didn't ask, but I told her).
She is due in a few weeks, so I am on call. We hugged and we are both looking forward to this birth.

That wonderful interaction was between two stages of the kidney scan. The first stage they inject stuff into your veins. Then they tell you to go away for two and a half hours, and return for the actual scan. I was walking out to my car [to go home and have breakfast] when I ran into the special woman I just wrote about. At that point I felt fine, no immediate effect from the kidney scan juice.

Then it hit. The effect. It hit after the actual scan took place, after the 3+ hours had passed from the time of injection.

All yesterday, while I had a million things I was resonsible to do, I was queasy and headachey. It was really unpleasant.
I got through yesterday, but not really through today. Today was worse. I think the kidney scan juice was really bad for me. Headache all day, dizziness and nausea. Oh, and strong kidney pain. Oh, and crazy thirst. Not so fun. I was in pj's all day, but I got out of bed enough to serve the children lunch, put in a few loads of laundry, and make dough for challot and pizza (although the actual baking of challot & pizza was done by my husband... highly qualified for the job).

I hope I never have to do that particular scan again.

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