Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OK, strike over; that was fast.

I have to cross the picket line of my personal doctor strike. There was much opposition, but my body won out.
This neck/shoulder thing is *horrendous*. Even swimming has become too hard, and the jacuzzi doesn't help at all. Nor do the massages I've gotten. Nothing helps, I am just in crazy pain. Nobody (not the least of which myself) would have expected this one. Leg, hip, possibly lower back pain, yeah. We know that. But upper spine/neck/shoulder?? Right side, not left? What??

So I called that internist who was recommended to me from a good friend. I explained my problem and he said it sounds to him like I need an orthopedist. He recommended one who specializes in spine & neck. He said he's one of the best in the country, and he has a clinic once a week in Be'er Sheva. I called, and he has clinic here on Wednesdays. Great! Tomorrow! ~not~! No appointments available. I told the secretary that I got to him through this particular internist, and it is URGENT. She said to call her starting at 2pm and she'll see if she can squeeze me in.

Aside from that, I may even go into the ER. It's *that* bad.
Or am I over-reacting because I've been through so much and I really should wait this out? After all, I had no injury to start this pain; no logical reason this would be happening... maybe it's stress?


  1. Even if it is stress/muscle spasm related, or has something to do with the way you sit at the computer, it's obviously bad enough to require medical attention. Feel better.

  2. following your story and davening for your refua shlaima.

  3. thanks, Michele and Anonymous.
    I hope to see the orthopedist today...