Thursday, June 16, 2011

To every action, there is an equal and opposite RE-action.

Baby and mommy are doing great, Baruch Hashem. :-)

I, however, didn't have the greatest day in the world, but it's not so bad.

Remember a few posts ago (this one) I was talking about the new migraine medicine my doctor gave me? It was a cousin of the one I am allergic to, and there were no other choices considering my kidney problem. Well, it scared me to take the new medicine. I resisted.

Last night a migraine was coming on. I didn't want to try the new med because my doctor said to try it first at the clinic just in case there was a reaction. So, the clinic being closed at night, I took a mega dose of Advil (aka: kidney 'poison'), as I have done so many many times before. But this time it didn't help.

I got to sleep finally with the sleeping pill, and slept through the night. I woke in the morning, early, with the same headache! Oof! I tried to go back to sleep, but it didn't happen. I tried a cup of tea and a muffin, and that didn't help either. It started getting worse, and I *know* where that goes.

So, at Robert's encouragement, I called the clinic to see if they were open long enough for me to come in and try this medicine. I called at a time that they were closing... but my doctor said she'd be around for a while, so I should come in.

I got there, took the medicine, and laid down in the nurse's office. Pretty quickly my throat started to swell. I told the nurse, and my doctor also came in. She looked in my throat, and saw the swelling. My blood pressure was good and my breathing was fine. We waited. Throat swelled more with more time passing, then my lips started tingling. I am so familiar with that feeling-- I am allergic to so many medicines that I have felt this all before. But this time, my chest wasn't tightening. I was very nervous that it was going in that direction, but the doctor and nurse were monitoring things, and had the shot of steroid ready if necessary.

In short, it didn't get worse than that. My throat stayed swollen, lips stayed-a-tinglin, but the buck stopped there. We waited it out for about an hour and a quarter, and the reaction didn't progress. The positive side to this is that it took the migraine away. Praise the Lord.

My doctor said that when the next migraine comes, she wants me again to come in to take the medicine. She said we never know where these reactions are going; could be next time is worse, the same, or no reaction at all. OK, but I hope it's not at night.

Spending the morning in cupat cholim wasn't really in the plan, and I missed my swim today. I am also exhausted; probably from the medicine, or the migraine, or just because I'm exhausted.

I am going to get myself together anyway to go to this wedding-- it's the son of a very special friend, and I wouldn't miss it unless I *really* had to. It is in Be'er Sheva, which is good if I want to go home early and Robert wants to stay.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with a new pain doctor, here in Be'er Sheva. He has been highly recommended to me for a few years now, and I finally got my act together to call. He gave me an appointment very quickly, in comparison to how long people have to wait to see him (I have protectzia with his secretary:-]). I want to discuss the high dose of Lyrica (which, BTW, the added pill is working to help the pain from the mesh surgery, but what if that, too looses it's efficacy like the lower dose eventually did?), and to talk with him about if he thinks it's preferable to do the reconstruction surgery with the goal of lowering the Lyrica. I'll go into the whole thing about what the surgeon said about the mesh, etc. Also very important, but separate from the Lyrica issue is how to deal with my thigh joint pain. I know that the doctor in Jerusalem only had one non-narcotic recommendation, which is an orthopedic procedure to inject synovial fluid into the joint. It seems very iffy to me, and I'm not enthusiastic to get a shot into my already abused and fragile thigh joint. But, it hurts, and it'd be great if it didn't. Incidentally, I have to still get the results of the last MRI; we don't yet know if the PVNS is growing back or not. Then it's back to prof. Meller in July.

I'm going to take a long, warm shower now, and get ready for the wedding. Gonna get all pur-dy'd up. :-)

Shabbat Shalom!
(I may write tomorrow after the pain specialist appointment, or it may have to wait. We'll see... never know how Friday's will develop around here...)


  1. hope the wedding was great you gorgeous lady --
    haven't heard from you... will your mishpacha be joining us, BEH, for Shabbos Aug. 5-6?
    hope the MRI results come in soon, please fill us in....
    Devorah NJ USA

  2. wishing you sarah and family a shabbat shalom, quiet and restful shabbat , and of course koach(energy) for the kids. refua shlaima b'karov! . by the way your doctor sounded very attentative to you as she stayed longer in the clinic to be with you and didnt send you to the hospital. hope next time there will be no side effects. praying for you, rochel.