Sunday, July 3, 2011

And now *both* sides hurt!

I was going to write about something specific tonight, but that'll have to wait.
Immediate medical events trump needing to write about trying to resolve already existing medical issues...

I sprained my ankle today.
I twisted it and fell while walking home from our friends' house, where we'd just had a lovely Shabbat lunch together. There was a minor crack in the road, and I twisted my ankle on it somehow.
Later in the afternoon it started hurting so much more, I actually was convinced I had broken it.

We went to the ER at Soroka... all too familiar. I should take out a monthly subscription, it'd come out cheaper.

They took x-rays, and proclaimed a sprain. Wrapped it up in an ace, told me to stay off it for a week or so, and sent me home.

So now I am home, and EXHAUSTED. And in so much pain, most of it, believe it or not, is not from the ankle, as one would think (Percocet at the moment is helping with that). Rather, the pain is emanating from my left thigh. The sprain is the right ankle. I can't lean and put pressure on the PVNS leg-- the hip joint can't take it well. At one point I tried to hop, with Robert supporting one side of me, but that is totally out-- hurts way too much. That hip don't hop. (!! never thought of that before! hip-hop!:-)) So, all fours was the only way to go. I went around the house that way getting to the bathroom and whatnot, and scooted down the stairs on my tush (I've done that after each surgery, I'm a pro). Scooting upstairs, however, uses lots of thigh muscles, and gets right into the middle of the joint.
 Getting to the car was with Robert supporting me on one side, and *Dov* on the other side-- he is a strong kid (BH), and getting close to my own height-- and using only my left leg. It HURTS. I'll need crutches, but also a wheelchair. Spending lots of time with the crutches will put too much pressure on my left leg. It can't take that.

Well, It's temporary. I just hope I don't do damage to the hip joint while I am trying to let the sprained ankle heal. Or, that I put pressure on the ankle too early because I am trying to save the pain from the other leg.

Of *course* they have to be opposite legs. Murphy follows me wherever I go... he stalks me, actually, I am quite sure.

Going to sleep-- I'm wasted.
Tomorrow I am supposed to see the pain doctor at 5, don't know if that'll happen.
We actually have two weddings and a bris this week. And Dov is getting off to camp on Wed morning for three weeks. Not the easiest week to deal with this.

But again, we aren't the ones making these decisions, are we.

May we all have a good week. Any brachot getting thrown my way for a speedy healing would be quite welcome. Sarah Rachel Bat Tova.

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  1. sending you hugs and warmth! refua shlaima bkarov! shavua tov and chodesh tov! rochel.