Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The water wheel and The Mentor

Until I picked up the phone, I wasn't sure what I'd say. I honestly thought I was going to back out. I have no confidence in my ability to follow through on anything because of my health.

I am still not sure if I can follow through, or to what extent, but I decided that I am going to start the wheel in motion.

That idea of setting the wheel in motion makes my brain have an image of one of those giant water wheels-- the wooden sort-- getting set into motion with that first bucket of water... loudly creaking. The water wheel generates energy when it is working properly. It's a positive image.

I made a meeting with a literary mentor to help me get my book going.

The book has been stuck... stuck in it's creator... for a long time. I need to write it-- I need to get my story out.

I met this mentor last year when I attended the literary conference. We talked for quite a while (long past the ten minutes she allotted for the meeting), and we had a really great chemistry. She said that she'd love to work with me, and that I should be in touch.

Then I dropped the ball, and never picked it up.
Until last week. I wrote her an email after my therapy session last week.
In the session I was talking about the careers I've had in my life (and to some extent still have), and that what I really want is to write my book. I feel that my career these days is taking care of my health issues. I certainly wouldn't call it satisfying. Between that and mothering, I don't have much left for anything else.
But what can I do? I really want to write my book.

I wrote to this mentor (we'll call her S.D.), and I re-introduced myself. I wasn't sure if she would remember me after so long, so I wrote some details as well. Turns out she definitely remembered me, and was happy to hear from me.
HI Sarah, I remember everything about our meeting. You didn't need to refresh my mind but I thank you for your re-intro anyway. I'd be happy to work with you. I really enjoyed our meeting and would love to help you bring your thoughts and writing into the world as your published book. It would be my pleasure.
Nice, right?
She gave me her phone number, and said to call to make an appointment.
I dropped the ball again. I waited a whole week before I called. Yesterday when I picked up the phone, it wasn't actually to make an appointment. I thought I was going to apologize and postpone... again. When we started talking, though, I remembered how comfortable I felt with her, and my thoughts surprised me by turning completely around and making a day to meet with her, at her home in Jerusalem. This Friday. I am **very much** looking forward to it! When I have a structure for my writing I will have the freedom I need to write. Isn't it interesting how structure gives freedom? It's that way with religion, also. In knowing what to expect, and what is expected of us by Our Creator, the freedom lies in the security of the "known", as opposed to the unknown, which is what we get without structure. My book writing has no space in my life at the moment. I'm not talking about time. I'm talking about space in reference to following a set of laws. That is what makes space for the things in our lives, the fact that there are rules. Without the rules, creativity can cease to exist.

The publisher said they want a table of contents, and a few chapters. That is the goal.


  1. Whew! Good luck with the meeting this Friday. Hope she can assist you in structuring your thought and writing.

    Happy Chanukah! Much love to all - M&D

  2. Awesome!
    I think there is a Chinese saying that goes something like, Even a journey of a 1000 miles
    begins with the first step. If you can break this into little bite size pieces, it is doable.
    Much less scary to write a chapter outline then 'writing a whole book', know what I mean?

    Love you!

  3. I've shaken out my pom-poms.


    and happy Hanukkah to you and yours.

    Be'er-Sheva, ISRAEL

  4. Darling Dearest Sarah,
    One of my favorite quotes, "Whatever you can do, begin it! Action has great power and magic in it". Credited to Geothe
    A mentor once shortened it for me to a 3 word phrase, "Move a Muscle".
    My notion is that of a "positive trigger". Although the word trigger is oft used in a negative sense I find the opposite true. However small step I am able to take... There is then a likelihood that I may take another step.
    Courage and Chanukah miracles to you.

  5. Very exciting, Sarah! I wish you luck on Friday. Chag Samaech!

  6. shavua tov! hope the meeting went well and you will be wrapped up writting the book. have a great week and happy chanukah. rochel.