Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life is so fragile

These recent blog updates are short and to-the-point, mostly informational.
I have been incredibly tired and caught up- concerned- with my mother's condition,
that it seems writing about my ongoing saga is too much for me. 
This is the minimum of what I can put out these days.

There were sirens on my town again... a few bombs haphazardly aimed to get anywhere in the south of Israel. This time it is near home. We have had seven or eight air-raid sirens in the past two or three days. Since my bedroom is on the top level of our home (we finished off our attic) and I am still crutching about, I am now temporarily relocated to the safe room, in the basement. Robert organized a bed for me there and brought down my essentials. When an air-raid siren sounds, I can stay put while everyone piles in. Shifra decided that she wants to sleep with me there... so we are having a bit of a slumber party.

Hashem, please protect us, and all Am Yisrael from these missiles.

Tuesday morning I have an appointment with Prof. Meller in Tel Aviv. It is an appointment I don't want to postpone, I have some important issues to discuss with him.

Tuesday evening, after the appointment, I am leaving for the US. I will be gone for two weeks (flexible). I just decided that I need to see my mother, and if I don't, I will not be at peace with myself. I am flying alone this time... first time since I had kids. Actually, this will be the first time I am away from my children (not counting hospital stays) for more than a day. I am nervous about that; about being away from them. And from Robert, of course. I am flying business class, so I will have an extra wide seat that extends almost fully flat (they say it's 170° instead of 180°). I'm sure it will be great. I still need to lie down often. Not always because I'm tired, but because my leg cannot endure the sitting position for more than an hour or so. With the recliner airplane seat I will be able to fly twelve hours.

But I'm still so nervous.
I think I am nervous about being more closely involved with my mother's failing condition. Please Gd, she will recover the ability to breathe on her own, talk, and be with us.
I have not had enough time in this world with my mother.


  1. It's very good you are going to be with your mom at this time. wishing you an extra comfortable flight and hoping you can stretch out on the plane. wishing your mom a complete refua shlaima! hashem should protect all of his children in Israel. rochel.

    1. Amen. Thank you, Rochel!

  2. May G*d bless you on this trip, bless your mother and your time with her. And may G*d protect your family and Israel at this time.

    Hugs, and best wishes for a safe trip. I'll be praying for you!

  3. I pray for peace, inner and outer, and for your mother's refuah shlema.