Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yesterday: takin' a train with Wazi to see Professor Meller

I have really no time at all to write at the moment, but I simply can't not. When it is in my hands and muscles and brain to write, it has to come out. So I may be a tad late to pick up the children. It's OK- it's a nice day. :)

Quickly, though-
I was in Tel Aviv yesterday to see Professor Meller. I took Azriel with me! He was so excited. We let him stay out from gan and I took him on a special day, so he can take the train with me, and see this doctor who I always have to go to in Tel Aviv. Takes away the mystery, you know?

It was a very hot day, oh... I can't write all the details- I'll be too late for the kids... moving right along...

Bottom line- the exam Did Not Hurt! It was the first time *ever* that I lay on his exam table, him manipulating my thigh joint this way and that, (but he didn't move it the way it does still hurt) and nothing hurt. It was simply miraculous. He was so pleased! He even cracked a little smile, I think. It was hard to see beneath his bushy, motorcycle twisted mustache, but I am pretty sure it was there.

I got strict orders to start *very slowly* to go off the Fentanyl (the narcotic patch I wear). I will start that process on Sunday. Scary, but it is the right decision. I really am mostly out of pain these days. Dr. Rath was right when he said he was pretty sure he got it right with this surgery. I am beginning to believe him. But as always, I need the test of time.

So. going off the Fentanyl will show us exactly what is going on pain-wise. The Next Step stands before us. Stay tuned...

The evening (last night), unfortunately came with a migraine and slight dehydration. That was so unpleasant, it made me cry. I think migraines are right up there with the worst pain ever created.
But I slept late today and I feel, not 100%, but better.
Azriel slept quite late, too. It was a tiring day!

And my leg doesn't hurt. :-)


  1. So cool that you took Azriel with you, too.

    And thanks for writing – great to hear positive updates :-)


  2. Sarah dear,
    Keep drinking! Even if you are not thirsty!!
    Yes, I know you know. But we can all forget.

    GREAT to hear about the pain free exam. I want more posts like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Woo Hoo! Just read the post from Wednesday. GREAT to hear about no pain!

    Shabbat Shalom,
    Love, Miriam