Thursday, July 26, 2012

80 percent?

Am I there? That elusive 80%.

Remember I said in my last post that I saw two possible outcomes from my check-up with Dr. Rath? One was that he'd say "well, I did the best I could, live with it, we got it pretty good", or "oh, that pain is because of the hoodyjigger touching the plouffy. I can fix that!", and we'd talk about more surgery.

It turns out that the meeting was a combination of both of those outcomes. He checked out my range of motion, different positions for the hip, etc, and then decided he wanted another x-ray. So, I marched down the corridor of the hospital to the x-ray place and took my place in line there. Waited, waited, waited, then finally I heard my name called. Unfortunately, it turned out to be another person named "Klein" (here, in Israel, it is common to be called for these sort of things only by your last name), and I had to wait more.

Cut to the chase, I got back to Dr. Rath's office, waited more, then got to go back in and talk about my x-rays.
He didn't see anything out of place or wrong.
The only [active] suggestion was to possibly 'go back in' to clear out scar tissue. He wasn't even sure that that would help, and he feels that doing another surgery on my hip isn't a great idea unless it is absolutely necessary. There may be a build up of scar tissue in some specific spot, but since he isn't sure about it, exploratory surgery isn't a top-line solution.

He said lets wait another three to six months, then re-evaluate.
So, it is both- "live with it" and "well, we could try another surgery"...

I am just so tired.
Is this the 80% I was told was all I could expect? I don't even remember who told me.

I'm going to Jerusalem tomorrow to see Shulamit, the coach who helps with trauma and medical problems. That is, if I feel better. If I feel tomorrow like I do now, after sleeping much of the day, then I won't go... I wonder if I am coming down with something.

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