Monday, March 18, 2013

Good things, and taking a typing break.

I owe you guys an update, I know. For some reason, I have been not into computer recently. I think it is a good thing, maybe. A sign that real-time life is sweeping me up and piling me into bed exhausted and fulfilled every night.

No huge physical things to report; the usual.
Lots of accomplishments; notably Shifra's [long awaited] birthday party yesterday:

the Minnie Mouse cake... yes, I used fuchia food coloring.
cupcake decorating set up. (imagine the table afterward!)

Our lovely friend and neighbor doing face make-up (my bamboo fence behind her...)
Blow!! 10 ballerina candles, and one for next year.

cupcake creation

more cupcake creations (yum!)

So, that was good. Totally wiped me out, but she finally got her party (ummm, her birthday was on Chanukah... yup.)

There have been other accomplishments, too, since I recovered from the BarMitzvah. Mainly that I have been able to be busy and active, with my normal set backs which we are all familiar with, no need to go into them. Recent bummer is that I have hurt my right wrist, and presently have it wrapped up in an ace bandage (well not at this exact moment because I can't type with it, but it hurts to type, which is another reason I haven't written in a while). I fell in a nearby store and put my hands in front of myself to break the fall. Then, I fell again in our garden, again, right hand leading the breaking of the fall (owww! Onto a stone!). Then, yesterday, at the party, I tripped over something in the kitchen and wound up not falling to the ground, but still breaking my fall against the cabinets... leading with the right wrist. I had been been to my doctor yesterday morning, and she told me to wrap it up. I wrapped it up after the kitchen fall, after the party. It does feel better wrapped, but still is quite sore (even with my amazing regular regimen of drugs!!). It's not broken, but I may need physical therapy in six weeks if there isn't enough improvement. Duh. That stuff could happen to anyone, though, so it isn't like big news connected to an NF survivor or anything. Actually, it is starting to hurt now, so I better stop typing. I will just copy and paste something that a friend sent me this morning, it is a TED lecture. When you see it, you'll know why it resonates with me.

This is what I wrote back to her after I saw it: (also cut-and-paste, not typing too much, don't worry!)
"We know how illnesses can bring gifts with them. I certainly know. There are many priceless things I am grateful for, many life-altering, life-giving changes have taken place. Changes regarding my mothering, my partner-ing, my priorities. Sometimes I do find the gratitude, really I do! Those are the times where I marvel at Gd and the strange and uncertain ways He rules the universe."

OK, I'll go now. I won't be doing so much Pesach cleaning because of the wrist, but I can do the light stuff. Also, we just got a super-amazing vacuum cleaner (Kirby) to help out this year. :) We have *so many* carpets.

Happy Pesach (Passover) to all! Spring is here, the kids are on vacation, and we hope to do some wonderful things the week of Pesach. I'll show you pictures after we do them. :)

Get out there and enjoy the warmth and sunshine (maybe not in America, sorry guys, but here, it is simply divine!) Baruch Hashem.

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  1. Hi Sare
    Happy Pesach
    your pictures and cupcakes are terrific!
    xxxooo looking forward to hearing from you...

    DB in NJ