Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wonderful ups, and unbearable downs.

I'm back, even though I threatened to go away. Can't get rid of me that easily, can you? :)
It has been a whirlwind of really really good, then really really bad, and I don't have energy today to get to the writing I have to do.

Our vacation was *wonderful*!!!!! We were by the Kinneret Sea (Sea of Galilee). I can even prove it:

We had a really wonderful, QUIET time. Listening to the birds is such a treat, you know? Shabbat was wonderful and so restful. Just what the doctor ordered.
Thank you, Cuz, for watching and loving the kids for us!

We got back quite late Saturday night, and although complete and utter exhaustion had set in for both of us, we unwisely stayed up much later.

Sunday morning I slept, but not enough.
Monday morning (yesterday) I had to get up early to bring Ya'akov to a doctor's appointment, and I was so unbearably tired. After dropping him off at school after the appointment, I then went to my occupational therapy appointment. Both appointments were at the hospital, but three hours apart. How annoying is *that*!? After I got home, around 12:30, I climbed back into bed for a brief time, but a headache started coming on strong. Robert arranged for friends to pick up the children because I was dealing with a full-on migraine at that point. It got worse and worse as the afternoon turned into evening. It was the throwing-up kind (3X), and got worse and worse until I thought my head would split open.

The pity is that it was Robert's (Hebrew) 50th birthday! I had a nice evening planned for him with the whole family! That, of course, was *far* from happening. I'll have another chance for his English (Roman calendar) birthday in two weeks.

I was very sick last night. We almost went to the ER; it would have been the third time that day at Soroka! An awful prospect. But, I couldn't stop throwing up. I was dying for any sort of migraine relief. I have *no* migraine medicine. I am planning on getting a referral to a neurologist to see what we can do about this problem. It is so unbearable when it happens.

Just as Robert was packing a small bag for me to go to the hospital, I started to feel some release. The pressure in my head lightened up slightly, and the nausea lifted. I decided not to go to the hospital. I gratefully fell asleep, and slept through the night.

Today I have been in bed all day, and right now feel I need to go back to sleep.
Tomorrow morning I have to get up early again, and go to Tel Aviv for my orthopedist appointment!! Pray that I'll be OK.

After the appointment, I'm going to make my way up north to Rosh Pina, where my nephew's BarMitzvah begins. Robert & the kids will come in our car from Be'er Sheva later.
If I can't make it to Tel Aviv tomorrow morning, I simply won't. It's not an emergency. I am still dealing with my hurt wrist and the splint. How much can someone push themselves, really.


After I wrote this, I realized that I need to cancel the orthopedist tomorrow. So, I did. It is just too much for me, on the day I need to go to Rosh Pina. I would have to pack now, and arrange everything for tomorrow, while needing to leave at 8:30AM. I need to rest right now, not arrange packing. Writing it out here helped me to see what I need, and what has to be done. I knew it was a good time to write. Hashem helps us see clearly, the way we can relate to, you know?

I have to put the computer down now and rest.

I'll let you know how things go!
Looks like I won't get to the article I need to write until next week.
Listening to my body will get me to the right answers, you know?


  1. Thanks to G*d above for the wonderful vacation. I'm sorry you have suffered such since. I hope you can find proper treatments! I'm glad you cancelled the appt. I agree, sometimes you just need to rest!
    Hugs, Jackie

  2. Writing sometimes helps you look at things more objectively. Glad you're taking care of yourself. Feel good.