Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's payback time.

It was a great decision for my soul, but not for my body.
That walk on Shabbat from Soroka to my home, after the birth, caught up with me- mean and lean.

Yesterday in order to go on a family trip over an hour away, we rented a wheelchair (or else I'd have had to stay home. It's *that* bad), and today I am completely resting.
Last night, after the trip and all the driving (which Robert did), I had to take a back-up of Fentanyl... my narcs. I ingested a 'lolly'- a complete 400 mmg of the stuff. My usual daily dose is 87.5 mmg, slow release. That brought it up to 487.5 mmg, and I was still in pain last night! Not good. Gotta take it really easy. Please remind me not to do that again. Duh.

I honestly didn't think that this would happen. I was feeling pretty good, in a good space pain-wise. The partially raw-food diet had/has been doing me well. I am pretty sure it has helped in lowering the inflammation (thus lowering pain) in the joint (left thigh- PVNS one). Well, as well as going a bit "off the wagon" over these holidays, I then walked an hour.

You know how when you are not in pain, it is very hard to imagine, viscerally, the real feeling of pain? I'm not talking about the concept and understanding, I'm talking about remembering exactly how pain feels. That is how Hashem built us- to be resilient- to forget the feeling of pain. Evidence of that is any family with more than one child. :) So, that is what lead me, with a pep in my step, after the great birth experience, to walk home.

Well, I have been duly reminded.

This, too shall pass.

Pictures of our trip yesterday... we went to a cool place where they reenact medieval times. They have knights, swords and shields, real chain-male,clay making, basket weaving, bamboo pipe making and weaving together. Good times were had by all!

watch out for this knight... do *NOT* let his size fool you.

he's also a sculptor, by the way.

Sculpting runs in the family, we can see.

Donning chain-mail, he is my knight in shining armor. :)

half monkey, half sword-fighter guy.

The happy little knight. :)

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