Sunday, November 10, 2013

medical update, new approach

Recently with this issue of no appetite and unexplained weight loss, I haven't been so happy with my regular GP's approach. Since I have diarrhea going on, she felt she should send me to a gastroenterologist. I felt that it may not be the right direction for us to look for what is causing this problem.

So I went to a new GP today for another opinion. I had gone to a lecture of his a few weeks ago, and I was impressed by his approach and manner. He is the head of a clinic in my health care program. (But I wish he were a woman.)

He read my chart, briefly, because of time constraints, and had that eyebrow raising reaction I am used to. One thing that I am already impressed with is that he said that I have a lot of doctors, and it would be good to have a "gate keeper". I totally like that idea. My regular GP just keeps sending me to other doctors.

Then he ordered some tests that nobody has ever done. There were like 6 things he ordered, and I can't remember them all. One thing that stuck out in my mind is a test to check my immune system. Interesting that after all I've been through, nobody ever checked that, to my knowledge.
He also asked me about my kidney stuff. I told him that the nephrologist released me from his care; that my tests look good and that I don't have nephrocalcinosis. This doc today said that there is something that a kidney problem indicates, other than the kidney function itself. I don't really get it, and I will ask more questions when I return on Wednesday.

He told me he will study my file at home, and that I should come back Tuesday or Wed to talk about the test results. I really liked the approach, that he told me when to come back (my doc never handled problems that way. I always just decide if I need her or not, and usually wait for a really long time between visits, because she hasn't given me any direction to take care of a problem).

And study my file at home? Really? That I have never heard from a cupat cholim (national health care) doctor.
So he introduced me to the nurse this morning and she took the blood draws that were needed, same day.

The doctor told me to come back, but not to transfer my file yet from my regular doctor, that we will wait to see test results and go from there.

It would be nice to get to the bottom of this. I am uneasy with the appetite loss and weight loss. It's not like I was too skinny to begin with, and it's not like losing the weight doesn't suit me, but I am not controlling it. It is happening on it's own, and it isn't stopping at a certain weight. Lack of appetite is going on every day. I just look at food and can't eat, my stomach kind of feels bad, like queasy or something, and it isn't telling me to eat. I am eating some each day, I am not wasting away, by far, but I know how I usually feel, and this isn't it. I feel like something is wrong.

So, I went for another opinion, new blood tests, a new approach, and we'll see what comes out of it.
I'll keep you posted.


  1. That sounds like a good move. He was so inspiring at the talk last month. Love, Miriam

  2. Have you made a full copy of ALL your kupat holim medical records? You can formally request that in writing (speak with the head secretary). You can make the same request from any Israeli hospital that treated you (go to the medical records archives office and speak with the staff on duty). You can get copies of all tests (X-rays and CTs etc are recorded on CDs). The nominal cost can buy you lots of certainty plus peace of mind.Be sure to organize your medical records sensibly.

    1. actually, I don't have a copy of my medical records. I can get them, but I haven't. I never actually thought I needed to, it's all in the computers these days, Is it really that important if it's all accessible on computer to any doctor you give permission to? This doc said he'd go over my medical info, on his computer, where he can have access, it seems to me, to all of what he needs, no?

  3. may this new doctor help to find the problems of your weakness. refua shlaima. rochel.

  4. good luck...and having a copy of all your files sounds like a good idea...mine was lost at Kaplan and the doc then asked me to "illegally" keep it between visits!

  5. Tzippi- read my response to Yocheved's comment above... What do you think?

    1. perhaps computers really solve the problem...anyways no one can read what the docs used to scribble.