Monday, January 27, 2014

today is better! Miracles are all around us.

It is worth a quick update when the last post was such a difficult one.
The pain was slightly better today. I think that raising the dose of my Fentanyl patch is going to take a bit of time before it totally kicks in. The patches are time-released, I switch it every two days. So, I am hoping that over these coming days (today being the second day of the higher dose) my body will have a total infusion of the medicine, and my pain will decrease. At least that is my theory that I built today. :)

Wanna know more about today?
[this is an excerpt of an email I wrote to Robert this morning]

I *kicked some major butt* with my book work this morning!!! I am constantly amazed at how much content and organization is coming out of the questions the teacher asks in this course. I am just going and going- running with it all. My feelings and answers to key questions are all in me, and I am able now to articulate them. I am also really settled and feel power from choosing [person's name] as my "person" [I'll explain that to you, blog readers, in the next paragraph. Robert already knows what I meant.]. My intuitions and gut feelings are guiding me so well. I am starting to value my message. Isn't that awesome?

In the beginning module of the classwork, the teacher asks a basic question: "who is your ideal reader?". As basic as it sounds, it takes a long process to work it out. Christine (teacher) offers fill-in-the-blank type of questions, each of which took me deep exploration of my thoughts and feelings in order to answer. The answer I came to was mind-blowing. I hadn't known how much this person has influenced my life. As soon as I landed on this person as my ideal reader, everything started to fall into place. I'm telling you, this woman, Christine Kloser, knows her stuff. And ya know what? So do I.

This is from the lesson module about finding your "person":

In order for your book to have the greatest impact on its readers, it’s
important to identify WHO your readers are BEFORE you write a word.

When you know exactly who you’re writing a book for, the words
flow much more easily and “land” with your readers when it comes time
to write… because it’s as if you’re writing the book especially for them! Which, once you’ve done this work, you are!
So true, so true. I'm on fire with writing this book. Of course, I am only in module two. The "guts" (no pun intended) of writing the book is in module seven.

OK, email to Robert from this morning continued:

OK, going home now.
[I like to work in a particular cafe. I spread out at a table, the only one which has an outlet under the table- if it's not available, I'll use the battery of my computer until the people at that table go. I'll be there for a few hours. I always get the table at the right time. :) I like their freshly squeezed carrot juice, and choice of exotic teas and coffee drinks]
Shifra generously agreed to walk home from school, and to be home alone for a while. Yeah! It's finally getting OK for her to do this. It is a maturity level she wasn't ready for until a few months ago. :)
This afternoon I gotta haul some more butt at home- driving, ballet, dinner, after being part of this morning's routine, waking up at 6:45.

OK, Robert's letter is over...
Can you believe I woke up at 6:45, drove kids to school (Robert wanted to go to a bris for a family of good friends), worked on the book for two+ hours at a cafe, came home, went back out to pick up Azriel, came home and gave lunches, joked around with the kids, helped Ya'akov do a project for school: (pictured below!), then briefly met up with friends in from out of town, picked up Shifra from ballet, came home with all my pups, made an easy dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and got everyone into bed happy and loved (if not entirely showered, but ya gotta pick your battles).

This is a relief map of Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel). You can't tell so well from a 2d photo, but there are built up mountains, deep crevices for a crater, sands, and the snow on the top of the Hermon mountains is flour from my fridge. :) The Dead Sea is indented as well, being that it is the lowest point below sea level, on the entire Earth. It really is a work of art.

All-n-all a productive, loving day, baruch Hashem. Gotta acknowledge these days when they happen! Tomorrow is also going to be busy, starting with a rather unwelcome type of doctor's appointment. I hope I am OK emotionally and physically afterward. Gotta do what has to be done. I pray I fall into a gentle, capable, respectful doctor. I really want some "handle with care" with this appointment. Send me some cyber support and prayers, K?

At 10 in the evening after the busy day tomorrow, I am joining a teleconference. It's not directly about the book, actually, but being given by another of my favorite inspiring speakers/writers, Lissa Rankin, MD. You can join, too, if this interests you. Here is the detailed website.
What I know of Lissa's writing, I am so impressed with her side-stepping modern medicine and going to a holistic look at imbalances in lives.
Here is the page introducing the conference:(if you think you will call in or join by the website, let me know! It'd be cool to know someone I know is also on the line. :)
Having trouble viewing this email? Click here
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Dear Sarah,
Join Rachel Naomi Remen and Lissa, tomorrow, January 27th at 12pm PT/ 3pm ET for our FREE Tele-conference 10 Ways Your Soul Guides You In Daily Life. We promise this Tele-conference is going to be filled with useful tools that have helped thousands of people in our workshops throughout the country live a more soul infused life and will enable you to reconnect with the source of your joy and live closer to your true Self.
Here are the details for the call. We recommend that you access via the webcast if you have computer access for the call:
10 Ways Your Soul Guides You In Daily Life
January 27th at 12pm PT/ 3pm ET
Access the webcast with this link:
Primary dial in number: (760) 569-7676
Guest pin code: 530247#
Secondary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Guest pin code: 815139#
We HIGHLY recommend joining us LIVE. Why? Too many people feel alone with these same issues and concerns. Just being with others who understand is the first step toward all healing. Our shared intention to make needed change empowers every one of us to do this more easily, less fearfully. WE VALIDATE EACH OTHER IN THE IMPORTANCE OF OUR SHARED JOURNEY TOWARDS A MORE joyful and purpose filled life.
Here’s what we’re going to cover:
  • One surprising vehicle the soul uses to speak to you loud and clear
  • How to interpret not only the green lights that affirm your path, but the red lights that redirect you
  • A way to ensure that the people you surround yourself with reflect back to you the voice of your soul and not the voice of your fear
  • A tool for interpreting how your soul speaks to you via the body
  • The one feeling that is always your soul talking
  • And so much MORE!
What we will share with you will help your soul start to become the compass of your life.
With love and faith in you,
Rachel and Lissa
P.S. There are people around you who also yearn to lead a more joyful and soul directed life. Help them reach out for greater joy and wholeness in ordinary life by sending them here to get registered.
If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:
Lissa Rankin 3001 Bridgeway Suite K231 Sausalito, California 94965 United States

 Like usual, my short update took an hour and a half (sometimes more). That is one of the reasons I need to cut down on blogging, to free up time to write the book. I also need to go to sleep earlier. I'll update you guys when I am particularly bursting with something earth-shattering. :)
 Signing off, with eye lids closing down as I write. But it's good tired, Baruch  Hashem.


  1. may you have many more such days with good health!

  2. Dear, dear Sarah,

    Re “The children will be fine.” The children are on their own separate individual soul journeys. They are being given the experiences to help them do the work that they need to do in this lifetime. For reasons that we don’t understand (now), Hashem knows that they need to know what it is to have a mother who is ill and not always there for them in the way that they would like. They may not be getting what they want, but be assured that they are getting exactly what they need.

    At the same time, the time that you cannot spend with them is definitely a loss for you. Allow yourself to grieve...
    Lots of love,


  3. Great post! That was a very productive day!!! Proud of u!!!

  4. You go, girl!!

    Love, Miriam (Green)