Monday, January 20, 2014

Words while the IV drips...

I thought of not putting this picture up... not my best angle. :)

Interestingly enough, last Tuesday, when I was scheduled to go for my first Lydocaine IV treatment (which I talked about here), it had to be cancelled. In Hebrew we say "every postponement is for the best (כל דחייה לטובה). What happened was that since the IV needs about an hour and a half-two hours to finish, there has to be a doctor at the clinic the whole time; especially for me because of my frequent unwelcome reactions to new treatments. It turns out that the doctor who they thought would be present at the end of the IV actually needed to leave early. I also, personally, wanted my own Dr. Z to be there until the end, and he wouldn't be, either. So, we postponed it until Sunday.

That freed up Tuesday morning for me. I was already out of the house. I don't usually get out mornings unless I have to. Here I thought I had to, so I was out. I had brought my laptop with me (which I will be doing almost always now) to do book work at the clinic during the IV. So, what does an aspiring writer do with time freed up and her laptop in hand?

Go to a cafe and WRITE. :)
Well, in this case, I listened *and* wrote. I listened to/watched a series of videos made by my new hero, Christine Kloser, the "Transformation Catalyst",
Christine Kloser
Three-Time Award Winning Author
Creator, Transformational Author Experience
Creator, Get Your Book Done®
 She is awesome. I have been doing her free on-line courses on and off for six months or so, and have gotten a lot out of them. But, I haven't gotten what *I* personally need for my book. That being coaching about how to deal with the book being based on my blog. My blog is huge, as you know- over a thousand pages over 6+ years. Some of it book-worthy, lots of it not. How the heck am I going to be able to extract what I need from the blog to get this book written? It is daunting.

I am thinking of the possibility of hiring someone to do it with me. It would have to be someone who knows my story and my blog well, of course. I don't know; only I really know what sort of writing I want in my book. It could be, though, that the right person would be sensitive to that, and I'd go over their choices, anyway. I don't know... just bouncing some thoughts around.

OMG, I just lost a bunch of writing! The website was stuck for some reason, and it wasn't saving. Sooo frustrating. Now it is late in the evening, and I was hoping to get an update posted.

Well, I am honestly too tired to recreate what I had before, but I will highlight as much as I can. Everything happens for a reason.

Now it's Sunday, and I had written quite a bit while the IV Lidocane was going through my veins. I was at the clinic for about two hours getting the IV (hence the title of this piece).
While I was getting it, I didn't feel so great, but decided to go on with it for the hope that it would help get rid of my nerve pain. My main goal being to get off the other nerve pain med I am on (I already cut the dose it in half), and substituting it with these Lidocaine IV's. There is supposed to be no side effects, and no withdrawal if/when it is stopped. The concept of IV's is quite unappealing, but today I gave it a try. I had my laptop with me... might as well make use of time.

By the end, I walked out of there in OK shape. I had dizziness, but I stayed in the clinic until that passed. Since Dr. Z told me that it would take two or three doses before I feel it's effects, I didn't have any expectations. What I didn't expect *at all* was increased pain!!!!! Yes, you read that right. I am in so much pain- basically since the end of the IV and steadily getting worse throughout the evening. I am finally in bed, and I could barely walk this evening. I have insane nerve/muscle pain in my right thigh (not the PVNS one, interestingly enough), lower back, and to a lesser degree (but more than usual for sure) in my left thigh. Unbelievable. How could that be? I searched all over the net, and not one of the many sites about Lidocaine IV's for pain relief did it give the possibility of increased pain. WT?
I am quite sure that this is the end of my relationship with Lidocaine IV's. I wasn't enamored with the idea anyway (neither was Robert), and now, with this crazy adverse effect, I'm done. I'll stick to my usual regimen. It's far from perfect, but at least I know what to expect.

I have to go to sleep now. It's been a long day. (I also saw the gastroenterologist today- I know- heavy day, but I will write about that appointment next time. I am just too wiped out.)

I hope this pain isn't going to keep me up.
Think positive thoughts for me! (I know you all are.)


  1. Are you sure the pain increase isn't from the drop of your other pain meds?

    1. yes, I'm sure. The drop in the other med was two weeks ago, and the withdrawal effects from that were flu-type symptoms, and a relative increase in pain. Today, after the Lidocaine, I was (am) in *great pain*, and I know 100% that it is from it. It also happened slightly during the drip (but I thought it was regular, coincidental), but after the drip was finished, the pain steadily increased over a half hour or so, and it has not waned. I just took some advil & Tylenol together- it sometimes works to boost my reg pain meds. I hope I can sleep. (it's 2am here, no luck yet. Can't stay in a comfortable position for very long. :(

  2. At least you know what doesn't work for you. And you had the courage to try something new even though it ultimately caused you great pain.

    1. thanks, Michael. Always looking on the bright side. :)

  3. Oy vay! And I thought I had tzuris! Refuah Shleima, Sarah!

  4. And such high hopes for this. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. so sorry. hope you slept a bit over night (and that you are still sleeping as i write this). feel better !

  6. OMG darling, reading you gets me in such helplessness... I so wish for you a miracle cure

  7. wishing you a complete refua, and feeling good days. you have so many pple cheering you along and so much love from family and friends. hopefully that will ease just a drop of the pain you are in. rochel.

  8. Wishing for better days, times xxxooo