Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Medical update, with a surprise fall.

Short medical update (short is good, right?):

Neurologist appointment:

I liked this doctor. He is a migraine specialist, one of the best here. He gave me a new med that isn't in the family of the ones I am allergic to. I used it once already, and it held off the migraine! It worked!! I felt some side effects, but totally livable. I am still cautious because I've only used it once and want to make sure it will be consistent, but it was pretty awesome that it worked already once.

He also suggested I work with his colleague, who does *hypnosis* for migraine sufferers. Isn't that cool? A main-stream doctor suggesting hypnosis. He said "I thought you would be the type of person to be open to it". He highly recommended a doctor who specializes in this sort of hypnosis. The doctor didn't have any open appointments for quite a while (he only comes to Be'er Sheva once a week, and is very popular), so I got one for the summer, but I hope to keep up with requesting a closer one.

Orthopedist appointment:

This was with my regular orthopedist in Ichilov (Dr. R), who has operated on my hip twice. This orthopedist is not the orthopedic oncologist- that's a different one who deals with the issues of the PVNS. Confusing, right?

Dr. R's opinion was quite different than the opinion I got from the orthopedist I saw two weeks ago, who is Dr. R's mentor. Does that make sense? Put it this way- two weeks ago: my othopedist's mentor. Two days ago: my regular orthopedist. Two different opinions. Maybe that is a bit clearer?

The opinion of the mentor was to operate on both thigh joints, basically the same way, arthroscopically, repairing the torn labrum (which is bilateral) and cleaning out scar tissue.

When I showed that letter to Dr. R, he said he would not be willing to go into my left hip again. He said it was too dangerous, and the possibility for infection and complications would run too high for him to take that risk. Three arthroscopic surgeries is too much, in his opinion. He would rather do a total hip replacement (THR) than what the other doc suggested. Along with that, he doesn't recommend doing a THR until I am older.

So, basically, we have to leave the left hip alone. It is quite painful, but nothing more can be done about it at this point, unless I go looking for another surgeon who is willing to go in arthroscopically to fix the left one. I am inclined not to do that; Dr. R scared me about going in to that joint for a third time.

However, we will be fixing the right one. It also has a a torn labrum, and scar tissue because of that. So, theoretically, after that heals, my general pain levels *could* go down. We can pray.

That surgery will be some time next month, I will have a date when his secretary calls me.

Oh, and just to make things interesting, I fell on my way to the train, to go to Tel Aviv. Slid right on my face. Lovely. I had broken into a bit of a jog to make the train, I cut the timing pretty short, and I didn't want to miss it. I think the hem of my pants was a little too long, and I slipped.
I'm OK, thank Gd. Got banged up a bit, cuts on hands, bruised face, but nothing more than that. It could have been a lot worse! Also, I had my computer back-pack on my shoulder, and that also went sliding (along with my glasses). When I got onto the train (yes, I made it! People outside helped me. That was really great.) I cleaned up my bloodied hand with alcohol wipes, which I always have with me... for just these occasions (for the kids, never thought it'd be for me.). Then used the bandaids I also had in my wallet. What a good mommy, equipped with boo-boo fixers.

Next order of importance was to see if my computer was OK... of course I was worried about that! It booted up nicely on the train, got wi-fi, no problems, thankfully. Yeah.

Now my wrist is acting up again- the one I had sprained and splinted for so long about six/seven months ago. I fell onto it, and it got sore in the same place again. Boo-hiss. It'll be OK, though.

I'm exhausted! The day with the fall, Tel Aviv orthopedist, and a bar-mitzvah party the same evening was so exhausting that I had to lay low and make up for it the day after, and even today. Just so exhausted. Pesach (Passover) is around the corner, and I feel too weak to do the special cleaning that the holiday calls for. Thankfully overworked-and-underpaid Robert will get a lot of it done. I will do what I can when I can.

Well, it wasn't as short as I thought I would make it. That's OK. :)

My seven-year marker is coming up soon. The day I got sick with NF. The day all our lives changed. May 2nd is the day I crashed, went into the coma. Also it's my late-father-in-law's birthday (may his memory be a blessing). He was here visiting when I got sick. We were supposed to go bowling for his birthday.

I'll write more about what the seventh year anniversary means to me soon. It is a very significant anniversary.

Good night from a very tired, but resilient blogger in Israel.


  1. All right. So there's a plan and I like that. I hope it all comes together well.

  2. Dear Sarah,

    Your blog is scary and encouraging at the same time. My husband, Yosef, has had five surgeries since we met 19 years ago. Three were to replace a THR of over 25 years ago. (Two to correct the fashla of the surgeon in Petah Tikva) and a shoulder replacement and another shoulder replacement. He is 89 and has borne his pain stoically. I tore the cartilage in both knees thirty years ago but have rejected TKR and have managed pretty well until now.

    We met some years ago when we lived in Arad, before you were visited by your NF. We wish you good health and a happy and kosher Passover.


    Ida and Yosef

    1. Wow, that's lots of new parts. It is so hard to deal with joint pain.
      It's amazing that your knees have held up for 30 years with no
      replacement. I guess it is good that you aren't too put out by the

      Thanks for your comments. It is scary to hear about all the problems
      people have had with THR's. What was wrong with your husband's (or
      should I ask...)?

      I don't want my blog to be scary, but I know it can be shocking. We
      still feel shocked, and it was 7 years ago for us. And, we are still
      dealing with the "fallout".

      You both should have health and naches from your children.

      chag kasher v'sameach!!

  3. Good to hear you have a plan. And a "new" med for the migraines. Won't it be great to have that under control? Maybe after Passover you'll be able to get an appointment with the Hypnotist sooner than this summer.

  4. how scary to fall? what are u doing for an encore??? Be well my friend.

    1. Yeah, Mikal , like when I landed, I took an immediate inventory of where it hurts most and did something *really bad* happen. Scary on the way down. When kids fall, it seems so easy.
      No encore, just Pesach cleaning. I may stay away from the step ladder, though, this year. My kids can do my upper cabinets. One is taller than me, anyway.