Sunday, June 1, 2014

Man plans, God laughs... surgery update

It just goes to show, you never trust machines to run your life. Always talk to people about the important things.

A month ago or so (5 weeks, maybe?), I had the conversation with my orthopedist, making the decision to go through with the surgery. He said that the hospital will chose the date, and I should get a confirmation in the mail, and/or by phone.

OK. So, a few weeks later, having not heard anything from the hospital, I called them. I followed the prompts through the electronic menu, gave my ID number, and heard the date for the surgery.

It said "טרום הרדמה וניתוח". I wrote it in Hebrew because I want all Hebrew readers to see how I could make the mistake I made. It says, in English, "pre-anesthesia and surgery" (pre-op).

There is a missing preposition. That would be "טרום הרדמה ו-טרום-ניתוח", meaning pre-anesthesia and pre-surgery. Instead, I understood that they were doing the pre-surgical check-up on the same day as the actual surgery. How convenient, I thought! Instead, one is supposed to understand the language without the missing preposition, that the recording is referring to the genre of pre-anesthesia and pre-surgical checks. I think it is one department which is called "pre-anesthesia and surgical" department. In Soroka it is clearly called "טרום ניתוח" (pre-surgical), which is pretty hard to mistake for the true surgery appointment.

So, how did we find this out, you ask? I was going to go there tomorrow (after having organized everything to the enth degree) with my bag packed, expecting surgery.

All of Shabbat Robert was sick with a fever and extreme fatigue.
Last night, I got the fever as well. It was pretty high, actually. I felt *awful*. So, this morning, Robert, feeling a bit better (but me not so much), called the ward to see what we should do in the event of me still running a fever on the day of surgery. I assumed it would mean the surgery is put off for a healthier day.

The secretary said that I am not scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Oh, and she also said, by the way, my doctor never operates on Mondays. The appointment tomorrow is just the pre-surgical testing. These tests can be preformed even if I am not feeling 100%, no problem, but if we need to cancel, call in the morning.

In one fell swoop, my entire geshtalt leading up to June 2nd is blown to the wind.

Thing is, even before Robert called the hospital this morning, I already was getting into the mindset that it quite likely will be postponed because of this flu-or-whatever fever thing I have.

Know what, though? About three weeks ago I received in the mail a large envelope from the hospital with paperwork I'd need for the surgery, lists of the necessary tests, and even a detailed description of my surgery, including real-life pictures from an arthroscopic camera, of what I am to expect.

I read that material very carefully, and thoroughly, and nowhere does it say that June 2nd is only the pre-surgical tests, not the surgery. It just looks like what it is, a list of tests to do and an explanation of the surgery. I don't feel too dumb about this, it all was pretty misleading.

So tomorrow, unless I still have the fever, I'll go to the pre-surgical appointment in Tel Aviv, have the tests, and find out when the surgery will be. That is, hopefully I'll find out when the surgery willl be. I've waited a long time.

It's a shame, it was [seemingly] good timing. It would have been a good amount of recovery time so I'd be good to go when the kids were finished with camp. Then we could go out and do summer trips together. Also, I (alone) am hoping to go to the US at the beginning of September. There is a writing conference that I am hoping to be at, and combining it with a visit to my parents, of course.

Now, again, it's all up in the air. Oh, and the interesting "coincidence" of coming home after surgery on the day of the start of Shavuot, like it was after NF, isn't part of the picture anymore. It did get me to think about it, though, and how I could turn that day into a day of "tikun" (repair) anyway, and that is always good.

Will I know the surgery date after my pre-surgery appointment tomorrow?
Will it be at a good time?
How much longer will I have such constant pain in my hip?

Yes, I'm disappointed. I am working on turning it around to faith, where knowing that every postponement is for the best (there is a Hebrew saying about that- "כל דחייה לטובה"). Stay tuned....

Meanwhile, as I have a desire to share pictures with every blog, here are a few pictures of what wild-life has been going on around here recently:

Black ones, white ones, tan ones!

(now, along with our six human souls in the house, we have: 5 fish in three tanks, three rabbits, and a very patient dog. :)

Azriel's rabbit, named "Oreo" because he is all black with white paws.

Shifra's rabbit, all white, named "Snow White", or for short, "Snowy".

Ya'akov's bunny, shades of browns, named Sandy.

The pet shop owner was quite sure when he proclaimed them all female.
I will sue him if he is wrong.
At least there is lots of hopping around this house, even if I am not the one doing it. :)


  1. Replies
    1. Let down. Lots of gray matter spent on focusing on tomorrow. But, there is a reason for everything.

  2. Perhaps better to be able to spend chag with the family - although, I can only imagine how much it sucks putting it off...

    1. I was going to be home for chag anyway, it's only a one-night stay. Yeah, it's a bummer to put it off, but it probably would have been put off anyway because I have a flu now.

    2. Well, feel better on all counts. Our thoughts and prayers continue to follow you all over the place...

  3. hakol l'tova! hold that thought.

  4. Just keep your cool; we're rooting for you.

    1. I'm cool. No worries. Except that I am kinda hot, actually, because I have a fever....

  5. Keeping fingers crossed and toes curled and all that for you.

  6. if you need me to take your kids let me know. I cant cook for you cuz I have no stove...dont ask......

  7. if you need me to take your kids let me know. I cant cook for you cuz I have no stove...dont ask......

  8. you can make a no-bake cheesecake!

    1. are you asking me to make you one?

    2. that's so sweet. Literally. Thanks, but we're good.

    3. Why did I ask? cuz I dont do cakes of any kind anymore.Everyone here is always watching what they eat.

  9. what can I say ? הכל לטובה Whenever it will be - b'shaa tova. Sorry that you to have to go thru this. feel good.

  10. Refuah shleimah Sarah. I hope the flu is over before Shavuos so that you can have a wonderful chag. Maybe that's the reason for it beign postponed, so that you can celebrate and enjoy the chag fully. May the postponement bring greater joy this week and greater healing when the operation actually occurs.

  11. May the refuah come speedily!


  12. Great post, Honey! Love the pics you posted!

  13. I guess there is a better plan for you coming up....