Monday, June 9, 2014

new date for surgery

It's gonna be the 17th. I just needed more time. Surprisingly enough, I found that I wasn't ready to go in tomorrow (9th). I just needed more time to finish off some loose ends. I and also decided that I will be at Shifra's dance recital. As for Ya'akov's graduation, either Robert will leave the hospital to skip down to Be'er Sheva from Tel Aviv, or we will gratefully accept the offer from my BIL and SIL to come to Be'er Sheva and be with Ya'akov. It may be, also, that Robert will go be with Ya'akov and my SIL may be with me at the hospital. The surgery is scheduled for 10:30 ish, so by 5:00pm when Robert may have to leave, I should be stable and able to have someone else with me to be my go-between for whatever needs come up.

I just wanted to deliver the information about which date I chose.
I now see why it is a perfect time for me to do it on the 17h. I am relieved, and as I said, I have that vision now as to why it went this way. It's all good.

I go in to the hospital on the 16th to get antibiotics, surgery on the 17th, home on the 18th late afternoon/evening.

That's the plan, Stan.
I'll write more later. Just wanted to shoot out a short one.


  1. May it go smooth Sarah! amen amen

  2. Best of luck and refuah shleima Sara. We are walking beside you, and Hashem is holding your hand.

  3. I'm glad to read that you have decided on the date are comfortable with your decision. Positive thoughts for an easy recovery.

  4. Keep us posted may it all run smooth and refua shlema!

  5. Glad you got the clarity to make the decision you are happy with. Wishing you a Refuah mehirah ushleimah!

  6. שתהיה בשעה טובה ולרפואה שלמה!!
    Ayelet Batt

  7. I hope it goes really well, Sarah. It is SO important that you have it on the right date for you. (I have also pulled the pin in the past when the timing was wrong for me, even if I wasn't sure why.) I wil be praying for your recovery.

    1. Yes, Mary Margaret, I do feel like this is the right timing. There were some important projects I felt needed to get done, and I am doing it now at a good pace. Isn't it true that we just intuitively know what the right or wrong time is? I feel ready for next Monday.
      Today my electrician came over to fix a socket, and I know he recently had shoulder surgery. I asked him about it, and he said it's perfect now. I was surprised- "really? Perfect? No pain at all?" He said yes, why else do we go to surgery, other than to fix the problem, right?" I am going on that. :)
      Thanks for your support. LY!