Sunday, June 15, 2014

Road Trip!!!!! (luxurious puffy white pillows are involved...)

Did I tell you what *I* get to do today? No, I don't think I did.... because I didn't even know until very recently myself!

My awesome husband surprised me and booked us a room at a luxury hotel at the Dead Sea for one night, before surgery!

Going today, spending a wonderful day/night/morning at the beautiful and quiet Dead Sea. Going to have an awesome, guilt-free massage, maybe even reflexology. Then we can use the spa facilities: mineral baths, whirlpools, Dead Sea mud treatments for detoxifying the skin and body... yeah, you know, that regular kind of stuff. NOT! Not regular at all!! I can't remember the last time I had a massage, or guilt-free time to spend with my husband with no kids around for two days!! What an awesome gift!!

Going to return home on Monday, switch overnight bags, then kiss the kids and head out to Tel Aviv for check-in and antibiotics. We have logistics planned for kids, driving them hither-thither, people sleeping over.... thanks to all involved!! You're all awesome!!! But all that isn't even in my head today. Neither is the surgery. That is *long* in the future. Today I have an amazing, indulgent trip planned with my thoughtful and awesome husband!

Last time I was actually *in* the Dead Sea- I don't mean at the Dead Sea- we've been there fairly often, but not in seasons or situations that we go into the Sea itself- but last time I actually went into the Dead Sea was, I think, when I was pregnant with DOV!! 15 years ago!! I remember that it was such a relief on my back, lifting the weight of my (then almost nine month gestated) baby off from my organs and spine. It was a "baby-moon". That is what they call a get-away before the birth of a baby, to savor the last weeks before the unknown changes of parenthood get dropped on your head. Not the baby dropped on any heads, of course, but metaphorically speaking. Oh, whatever. You know what I mean!
Let's get back to my two day getaway, shall we?

The Dead Sea is the lowest point below seal level on the planet (an hour drive from my house!). The water is comprised almost completely of salt. It is thick and oily. You can't sink in it, and also cannot swim. There is basically no running current, and it is often completely still. It is 100% buoyant, and when you go in you are immediately lifted to bob around like a coke can. Lying down in the Dead Sea is an awesome experience. You just float. Simple and effortless. Lift up your feet and simply float on your back. It is a fantastic feeling for sore joints/back.

Then when you come out, you suddenly feel heavy again, and your skin feels like you just had a dip in a salad. All oily, but in a clean-feeling sort of way. Hard to describe. It showers off easily (showers right there on the beach). The water leaves your skin feeling light, clean and fresh after showering, it's really remarkable. The famous mud to slather on skin is available for the taking, all over the beaches. Smear it onto your face, or any skin break-outs or anything. The mud has a fantastic healing power, and again, leaves the skin feeling smooth and light. Our hotel has a private spot at the Dead Sea beach.... it won't be jam-packed with tourists! It's a Sunday, after all, not a famous travel day in Israel (Sundays are the first day of the school/work week here, because Friday is usually a day off, along with Saturday for Shabbat).

Yipee!! Wee-hee!! OOOOoohhhhh-lala!!!

Thanks, hubby, my love. You're awesome. I couldn't be more blessed.

Oh, and hey- to the projects I haven't gotten to- yeah, you- household projects- you guys who think that my life exists to serve you- you got another thing comin! We're through. I'm going to live my life without you. No longer will you take up space in my head without paying rent.
We're finished. I'm outta here. ;)

Sea ya!!


  1. What a wonderful idea. What a wonderful husband!! Enjoy,

  2. Have an amazing time at the hotel! You both deserve it-(and yes, Robert is awesome. (and so r u!)

    1. thank you! And thanks for being a "cog" in the wheel!

  3. enjoy! what a wonderful surprise - sending you best wishes from toronto