Friday, September 11, 2015

News and thoughts

What a week.
I got the x-rays done, and brought them back to Tel Aviv yesterday (Thursday) to the orthopedist.

He studied the x-rays back and forth clicking here and there quietly with his mouse, keeping me in suspense.

End result: he didn't see what he was hoping not to see, and he said he would operate on me. The amount of cartilage loss/arthritis is not too advanced, so he can do the repair surgery!

Then I asked would it be a matter of months or weeks, and he said "weeks", after the holidays.

Then what happened? Well, after we talked a bit more, and I said "so, I'll see you then, in the operating room..." And he said, yes, see you then.

Then what happened?

I left, and as I was walking to the main road, I got really nervous.
I have been waiting for this surgery for so long, went off pain medicines to make myself a better surgical candidate, went through a zillion doctor's appointments and painful procedures to get imaging of what specifically is going on in my leg, I finally arrived at the right doctor, and I am scared.

I talked with the doctor about this repair surgery as opposed to a total hip replacement (THR), which would be better in the long run for me. I asked if it wouldn't be smarter to go straight to the THR instead of mucking around doing the repair first, having the possibilities of complications, then another one in a few years time for a THR.

He said that there is no indication that I need a THR at this time, and this surgery could hold for many years. He was quite confident that it will alleviate the pain.

So that's it. I'm going to do this, after waiting two years.

I know so much about surgeries, and what can go wrong. *I know*. I'm not only talking NF. All the time I am spending with my friend in the hospital now, ...I just know so much. There is no comparison, at all, between what she is dealing with and the arthroscopic surgery I am going to do. Arthroscopy is an orthopedic procedure like laproscopy is for an abdominal procedure. It's done with small holes and cameras in the body; the incisions remain small. Other surgeries are called "open" surgeries- basically anything not arthroscopic or laproscopic. (the original hernia surgery which lead to NF was an open surgery)

I've had two arthroscopic procedures already, on my left hip. Both successful, no infections following either procedure.

But, as one of our friends has said, "a minor surgery is something someone else is having".

When it's personal, there is no such thing as minor surgery. In my opinion, those two words shouldn't even be in the same sentence.

I'm exhausted.

Thank Gd it's Friday! :)

Each time I went to Tel Aviv this week I did two separate trips within the one trip... the first trip I took my father's violin to a luthier to get fixed up, then to my doctor appointment, and yesterday I went to the doctor appointment first, then afterward I went completely across Tel Aviv, to Bat Yam, to go Dov's yeshiva for a parent's meeting. Taking taxi's, buses, and trains each leg of each trip, I got home last night at 11:45pm. I was also at our local hospital almost every day this week with my friend.

After Shabbat, on Sunday evening, is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year.
May all of you be blessed to have a new year full of health, love, family, and Torah.

Sorry my spirits are a little low here, there's lots going on. The holiday will do me good. I look forward to being with family and good friends, and hearing the shofar blasts! It is magical, always.


  1. Happy new year! May it be a restful and blessed time for you! Hugs!!!


  2. Sarah It is not the surgery that is critical. I have had the privilege of seeing you family grow up, since we go to the same shul. It is like two workers on the same job talking about it. One says I am making x sheckles a day. The second says I am building a home. Same job different perspectives. Shannah Tova, Sonya Davidson

  3. This is progress. Hope to talk to you tomorrow. Have an easy night. Love, Miriam

  4. Wow! Sounds like a really good time to connect with the King! Remember, He can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!!
    I'm here if you need to talk. This new challenge is for sure here to bring you to higher places.
    Ksiva v'hatima tova.
    Sending lots and lots of love,