Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Flu. Bleh.

I jinxed it. I knew I shouldn't have written how things are getting back to normal! Who do I think I am trying to escape the view of the evil eye? ...getting back to a schedule.... yeah right.

I got this year's version of the winter flu. A lot of coughing, laryngitis, bits of fever here and there. Not fun at all. I know my immune system well enough to know it's going to kick the flu's butt, but it's gonna have to run it's course.

What's *really* not fun is having this swollen throat and cough with the click-clack of my throat cartilage problem. When I get better I am planning on going to a cranial-sacral therapist to try to relieve the misaligned cartilage problem. It is **really** annoying.

Another side effect of coughing so much?
Gapey is killing me. I really hope I didn't rip anything apart in there. It's a large patch of thin skin graft without any layers of fat. The stomach wall muscle can be seen through the skin, it's that thin. I am worried about the supporting mesh that is in there. Every time I cough it is an experience in muscle spasm pain on my left side. Not good. I pray it goes away when the cough does. If that gets damaged, I'm in trouble. (once, when I lived in the states, I dislocated a rib when I had bronchitis. I can *really* cough...)

Another worry is that since I have canceled my physiotherapy and cannot go to the gym, I am worried that my leg progress will regress. I am exhausted from being sick, and can't do my exercises... lets pray that the leg will continue on the exact path it needs for healing.

It's more painful these days, maybe because of all the cold rain we're having, who knows.

In general, well, yeah, that's about it. I am taking care of myself, and my kids are being very helpful. And Robert brought me chocolate. It is scientifically proven to help coughing!
Today I reached out to ask a friend for driving help, so I don't have to go out. Thanks, friend!! :)

Gonna go take another hit of cough syrup.
This, too shall pass.


  1. Refuah shlayma, my sweet friend. Sending you warm hugs and kisses.

  2. refua shlaima!! chicken soup, hot tea with honey, lots of rest, and tlc
    from your family. hope you are up soon with good health!

  3. Get some cough syrup or Tessalon pearls from the doc.

  4. The flu is rotten. Feel better soon.

  5. Feel better soon, Sarah! Flu sucks, especially after you were feeling so much better.