Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gapey the prize-fighter

Last week was a mess, this week is better.

OK, that's all you need.

Ha! Yeah, I'm so likely to not elaborate on those statements. :)

So, I think we left off last week with the bronchitis cough, when I thought I was splitting completely in half by coughing. I had gone to the urgent care clinic, and after a few x-rays I was told that my lungs are clear, and all the clips in gapey were OK. I left with a pretty good cough medicine. I was reassured that my skin grafts are fine, there is no internal bleeding (which is what I told them it felt like).

Well, guess what? I know this never happens to me, but... they were wrong.

The next day, pools of blood started showing up on gapey (like under-skin bruising). They got bigger and uglier as the day went on. The day after that, poor gapey looked like he just did a few rounds in the boxing ring. It hurt like knives were in me, and those skin grafts were angry.

I dragged myself to my regular doctor (GP). I had no other symptoms, and I pretty much knew that nothing could be done, but I wanted to know if my doctor thought it was still actively bleeding, or if we should be concerned. She said it looked like older blood, dark purple, and that it probably will start draining soon.

Next day shades of green and purple cascaded southward, indeed draining.

What a thing. It's still quite bruised now, but looking a little better each day. Still hurts, but calming down. So is my cough, thank the Good Lord. I now have a spot in gapey that easily gets irritated, and is fragile. I think it's the same place that hurt that first year after the mesh surgery, where the anchor clip is or something. Wah.

Well, I got through Shabbat, recovering. I even took a walk on Shabbat day to go visit a friend.

On Monday I returned to physical therapy after having not done anything for two weeks. I thought I'd be set back, because my leg was hurting more than it had been before I got sick.

I was pleasantly surprised... I didn't loose a lot of strength, and my physical therapist said things seem fine. I think my leg was hurting more also because of the pressure of coughing. It wracked my body.

And the most exciting news is that I finally got to the gym today! Still coughing a bit, gapey still fragile and a tad sore, but I took it easy. The gym was really great about giving me back the two weeks I wasn't there. They started my membership today, the actual first time I worked-out.

We're back in line with The Plan... with the help pf Gd.

I've done some gardening (before I got sick), did a bunch of weeding and pruning, and now am doing the day I planned... gym, then writing at the cafe near the gym. But next time it's gonna be my book. I just wanted to catch up on bogging first.

Yesterday I began going to a non-conventional medical doctor,
starting to deal with re-aligning my throat cartilage problem, helping my arthritis issues, dealing with sleeping problems that I've had since I weaned from the Fentanyl,
and the migraines.

There are so many layers of wellness between “I'm dying”, and “I'm doing well”. As long as we keep going in the right direction, real wellness can be achieved.

I've been at this for eight years. I can honestly say that now, (putting the bronchitis and gapey issues off to the side) I am the strongest I've been in the eight years, and in the least amount of pain since then as well.

For that, I am eternally, humbly grateful.

Tomorrow resuming Tai Chi. :)


  1. Woo hoo! You go, GIRL. I might show up one day at the cafe to say hello.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I think you are Wonder Woman!!!

    You can conquer anything and aren't afraid at the sight of blood.

    Lots of love and xoxoxox

  3. You are so determined. Keep it up and good luck!

  4. The last lines are so great news, and tai chi! I wish I could go with you!
    Much love to you always

  5. As always, I am blown away and inspired by your strength, perseverance, and downright refusal to let these bumps in the road - no matter how big or small they are - divert you from your path.

    You are amazing!

  6. sare, miss you, please write!

    D from NJ