Tuesday, May 23, 2017

medical abuse

I should have taken more of a hint when the guy before me came out after getting his hip injection yesterday, and he passed out.

My turn for the injection came up, and the nurse kindly told me "don't be frightened by what you saw when he fainted, he's a boy, you know how guys can be" [I am NOT making this up]

The injection was for the purpose of getting contrast dye into my right hip joint to do a special kind of MRI called actually MRA (arterial). The big long needle goes right into the hip joint so the contrast fluid goes into the artery.

I've had this test before; I had it two years ago, before I underwent surgery to repair the hip. I had it done privately at that point because there is such a long wait for this specific test with the national health fund (cupat cholim). I thought I knew completely what to expect. First the small injections to numb the joint (local anesthesia like what you get at the dentist), then the big 'ol needle shot into the joint, while directed under a CT machine so the doctor gets it in straight. Like I said, I did it before.

This time I did it through cupat cholim because my private insurance wouldn't pay for it. I had to wait three months, but I wasn't in a hurry.

Guess what? NO LOCAL ANESTHESIA FOR YOU at cupat cholim! It was *insane*. It went something like this: The doctor (or nurse?) prepped the injection site, and I couldn't see the area. Then she said "you'll feel a little needle now"... of course, I was thinking to myself that I am getting the anesthesia now. But *no*... SURPRISE! Huge needle goes straight into my thigh joint and doesn't stop... deep into the joint, I felt every millimeter of it. I screamed. I yelped again when the doctor had to move it to get it into place. She raised her voice at me telling me not to move. Then again when they injected the fluid through it I couldn't control my expressions of PAIN being inflicted. I felt every little movement. It was horrific. I started yelling at the doctor- "why aren't you using local anesthesia? Last time I had this it was with local anesthesia! She asked where did I have it done, and I told her- the private hospital in Be'er Sheva (Assuta Be'er Sheva). She said "oh, well that's private, what do you think? It's not done here." That's all, just "it's not done here".

I didn't faint, but I was in a helluva lot of pain. The MRI afterward went fine, but my thigh joint Hurt. So. Much. It was hard to stay still like you have to do for an MRI.

Today, one day later, I am still in pain. I don't know if there is anything else different than the first time, because I think it didn't hurt so much after the anesthesia wore off the first time. I think the doctor hit a nerve or something.

Because that is what is missing in my life, more nerve pain.

I am also feeling kind of fevery today, praying that this whole thing hasn't triggered my abscess to come alive again. Or that the needle didn't deliver some sort of pathogen or bacteria. Gd forbid.

What would it take... five extra minutes to deliver local anesthesia? Ten?
I am very upset that I feel abused and battered again from doctors.

(a special thank-you to TI who drove me there and back, and supported me throughout! xo)

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  1. Oh Sarah, how awful. Start with the Kupa's complaint procedure to get it registered in their system immediately? Contact Shira Pransky AACI medical thingie and ask them?