Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Retreat, day 3

Wow, what a time this has been. I don't even know where to start.

I will start with the icky stuff and get that out of the way.
Note to the wise- don't ever do an MRE!! (That is an MRI of the small intestines). I did one on Sunday (at the beginning of this week), and it was hellacious. I don't have results yet, they should come soon, within a week. After fasting for a night and half the day, I was invited (told) to drink the contrast dye stuff before the test. I did that, fairly easy to do that. Then I went into the MRI machine.... placement ON MY STOMACH! It was horrendously painful. Hard board, no hole to put my face, so my neck was craned sideways, hands up with an IV loading me up with who-knows-what. That lasted 45 minutes, without being able to move. But in the middle they had to stop the machine and give me yet another shot because my intestines were too active, they couldn't get clear pictures, so that shot was to stop the activity in my intestines. OK, so that part was over.

But the worst was yet to begin, little did I know.
The secretary told me I'd have some diarrhea the next day. What she didn't know is that my body QUICKLY likes to expel poisonous things. That's why my intestines were so active in the MRI machine... OMG. The scenarios that followed that test were horrific. Severe diarrhea, like every 3-10 minutes. And nausea, and I threw up once. My friend who accompanied me to this test was waiting for us to be able to leave, but I couldn't leave the bathroom in that place. When we finally did leave (I felt I was at a bit of a break), we got caught up in traffic while she was taking me back to the train station in Tel Aviv, and I thought I was going to explode in every direction. I just sat in the passenger seat moaning, trying to wait until we finally got to the train station. Traffic... no U-turns... kill me now. We FINALLY got to the train station and I went straight into the bathroom and stayed there until my train. Then once on the train, I was in that little icky bathroom more than in my seat. So, so so un-good. I got home finally, and couldn't even hug the kids or listen to them talking, I had to go straight to the bathroom, almost all evening. All told, it was about 8 hours of insanely painful, intense diarrhea, every 10 minutes or so. I was trying to drink so I didn't get dehydrated, but I couldn't keep up because I also felt so sick. I did finally sleep, and I slept through the night, thankfully.

When I finally arrived at Dr. Frischman's house on Monday, I was a dish rag. My first treatment on this "retreat" showed dehydration, slow, choppy (or empty) pulses, and big bad general state of being. But I was so relieved to finally be there... I felt I had landed. Dr. Frischman gave me a long, intensive treatment, both to balance my medicines (Chinese medicines, that is) and to start healing my body.

kind of what the shelves look like in Dr. Frischman's office.
I'll get you a real picture of them for next time.

I don't know how to say in any succinct way how amazing this has been for me, and it's only three days in. Dr. Frischman and his wonderful wife are heaven-sent to my life. Of that I am sure. Each day I am getting two intensive treatments, and healthy, home-cooked foods, and a warm, loving environment. Just that alone is so healing. But it's not at all just that. The treatments are VERY intensive, and often 3-4 hours, and both Dr. Frischman & I work very hard. He is immensely intuitive, and my regimen of Chinese meds changes in a dynamic way from treatment to treatment.

He tests what my body needs by literally asking my body... he uses kinesthetic muscle testing to know if my body needs that medicine or not. He intuits which ones to test on me based on my pulses. Pulses meant in the Chinese medicinal sense-- each wrist holds secrets of how each vital organ in your body is doing. There are three pulses for every organ (spleen, lungs, heart, liver, intestines, stomach, etc). A superficial touch will read one level, a deeper press into the wrist another level of how that organ is doing, and then a deeper pressing into the wrist for the final reading of the organ. It gives the practitioner clues-- no, secrets-- kept deep in the body. Based on the pulses, and on muscle kinesthesiology, Dr. Frischman intuits what the body needs at that given time. It's brilliant. So much more comprehensive than the Western medicine prescriptions.

We have narrowed down what seems to be the main problem for me with this pain- it seems like it's infectious in nature, not prolapses as was originally thought (thought by the CrowdMed detectives, not Dr. Frischman). It seems that my liver is quite impaired by this infection (empty deep pulses quite often). It seems that it is that ball or cyst in my abdomen, enclosing old infection. Not unlike the lipoma that I had and which was cavalierly removed (in pieces) by the surgeon at the original hernia surgery that lead to NF. This infection may even be from that time of the NF. It may be from the skin graft infection I had last spring for four months, we don't know. Heck, it may even be left over from the infection-of-unknown-character that lead me to have a c-section for Azriel's birth. There have been plenty of possible sources of infection which invaded my body repeatedly over the years.

Dr. F is doing many things in treatments; manually breaking up scar tissue. That is VERY painful, but I have learned coping mechanisms. I have to, there's no choice. Scar tissue is not only in my abdomen, but also all over my liver/ribs, and back/lungs. It needs to be broken up so the organs can survive. He did some very intensive work on my liver yesterday, and today my ribs, skin, and liver feel so bruised. But he's also building me up with the Chinese medicines/herbs, and it's going to balance out.
"Cupping", which Dr. F does in my case with one cup, suctioned
onto my diaphragm area to break up liver adhesions, but he moves
it around with the help of oils. (It's actually VERY painful!)
He's also using acupuncture (sometimes very deep, with 5 inch needles!), moxabustion,

This is a form of moxabustion; Dr. F puts that smoking
mugwort stubby thing on an acupuncture needle to bring
heat deep into the tissues/organs. A bit scary.
and intensive lymphatic draining. The lymphatic draining is not the kind I was formerly used to with my thigh/Gapey. That was very gentle massage of superficial lymph fluids away from the area of congestion. This... this is completely different. It's assertive lymphatic draining... it's done with very strong hands. Upper chest, neck, face, very intense lymphatic draining. It sometimes leaves me momentarily breathless. And finally, he's doing cranio-sacral work on my head/skull bones to help alleviate the headache problem which has gotten really out of hand lately. I'm left drained, physically and mentally, but built-up spiritually.

I've been cutting my prescription medications. By a lot. I am halfway off my sleeping medicines. HALFWAY OFF THEM. And last night was the first night here that I slept heavily, woke once to use the bathroom and fell right back to sleep, and slept straight through until 10:30am. On only half my sleeping medicine that I have been taking for many, many years. He's not giving me any Chinese medicines for sleeping, it's happening naturally. I am also on half my dose of Cymbalta now. It's nothing short of miraculous.

I am connecting with G-d, too, on the level I have been begging for. It's just all happening naturally, organically, easily. And it's only day 3.

The right person/people, the right time.
Yes, it's extremely close to Pesach (Passover), and there is much to be done in my own house. But this year, I am not going to be there for pushing myself with that. My kids are all home, Robert is off from work, and it will get done by them. My whole family gives me their blessings for this time here. It's an awkward time for the Jewish calendar, perhaps, but it's *exactly* the right time for me, of that I'm sure.

I need to go eat because I feel a headache coming on, and I think it's because I haven't eaten since breakfast. After my morning treatment and breakfast, I went on a WALK today. I haven't been on a walk for a walk's sake in at least 7 months, maybe more. I've been in too much pain. Today I walked up a hill, which for me is a big deal... I have been predominantly stationary because of the pain. I went into a cute little park, and sat on a bench and soaked up the sun. Oh My G-d, it was so tremendous. I started crying and crying, in sheer gratitude. I said out loud, thank you Hashem for bringing me to this time. I went on a walk, and sat in the sun. Pain? Yeah, well, it's not magically all gone, but it is less. And changed. We'll find out tonight from my pulses how my body liked that walk. But I now need to eat.
I am re-learning how to eat here, too. What my body needs, and when. Each meal should have 40% protien, 40% [good]carbs, and 20% essential fats. No wheat, no dairy, no sugar. It's GOOD. I hope I can continue this when I get home after the end of next week.

I'll stop for now, but I feel I could write for another six pages on what is going on here.
Thank you G-d, I am starting to believe that I can heal. I am starting to believe that I can have a life with no pain. And without surgery, or drugs. Do you FEEL how tremendous this is? Do you? I'll bet you do.


  1. So happy you're feeling a difference.

  2. Almost brought me to tears! Love from all of us!

  3. Oh my gosh Sarah I have been following you for a few years now since I signed up for the Beersheva Anglo list. This post is SO WONDERFUL! I am thrilled for you! May it just keep getting better and better, and may this truly be the season of your personal Geula! Sending you healing thoughts from Har Hevron.

  4. Wishing you only the best, and hoping that your progress continues!