Sunday, August 31, 2008

A New Beginning

I'm so not a computer person. I'm not even sure how to do this. I followed all the directions, and am trying my hand at my first post.

Why is it a new beginning? Going from the "CaringBridge" (CB) site over to this seems like a big step. I am no longer sick. The "about me" has changed. There is still stuff going on as aftermath of having had NF, of course, but is of a different nature than what the CB website sets out to accomplish. I have been blogging on that website for a long time. Journaling. I wanted to move over to this format. It just feels more right.

So, my faithful readers & support network, I hope you'll continue to ride the waves with me, to celebrate life. Life with deforming scars, PTSD, and rays of optimism that are brighter than I ever experienced before this all happened to me.

You can subscribe to get notification of posts, just like CB.


  1. Michael -
    Do you see the little envelope next to Sarah's comment that you can subscribe? Click on that, and you'll get directions. Love, Rivka

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging!!