Friday, September 26, 2008


An NF survivor was on Oprah last week. I heard about it from the people on my Yahoo NF list. She had to have her arms and legs amputated as a result of NF in a C-section. The infection travelled up & down.

I think it was like a "human interest" story. I think the next step would be to introduce Oprah to our group. I suggested we write a letter to her, one of us should write it, signed by as many members who want to. We should send her a link to our site and all the stories & pictures, and show her that this is a world-wide problem, not just an isolated incident. Hospitals need to be held accountable, and this needs to be made public. I am willing to write the letter, or maybe our group moderator should. It needs to be done soon, I think, as a follow-up.

And I'd love to get on Oprah. :-)

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  1. I can think of very few people I'd like to see on Oprah...that list does not include you! You would be a great spokeslady to let the world know how nf affects lots of people! You go girl!!