Saturday, September 27, 2008

one less medicine...

Two days off the antibiotics after 3 solid months.
The itching still continues; I am waiting for it to get better. I am *hoping* it will get better.

What if it doesn't?

I find an odd sense of relief to be off of the Rulid (the antibiotic; Roxithromycin). It is one less pill a day, and is like a little teeny bit of fresh air returning to my body... hard to explain to anyone who hasn't had to deal with long term medicine treatment.

Now I am relying on faith to trust that the little fresh air isn't carrying Strep A into my system. Not that it's usually airborne, but you know what I mean.

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  1. B'H
    Dear Sarah, here's hoping you have a Happy Healthy New Year. I pray for you and the Family constantly. I am glad we both feel good about less medicine. May G-d protect you from any bacteria or infection and provide you with the strength to carry on all your good works. Love and Holy-day wishes to the Kids and Robert. Love Cousin Howard