Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm stronger than I think :-)

It seems to be getting easier to focus on the good, and not the bad. I think that right after I finally got the phone call from the new therapist (who I have yet to meet, appointment on Tuesday), things started feeling better ... like the safety net was getting reset or something. Maybe I should just keep therapy appointments set up, and I'll be good to go. :-)

I went to the plastic surgery clinic today and got the referral for the MRI. They tried to throw me over to orthopedics and pass the buck. Nobody wants to be responsible for ordering a 6,000 shekel test. They said that they deal with soft tissue problems, bone problems are orthopedics. Then I had to fight a bit, and I did.
My arguments:
... pain is in soft tissue *and* bone
... visible swelling in soft tissue
... I'm not waiting another 3 weeks for an orthopedics appointment where they will take one look at the graft & the history and bounce me back to here
... This is urgent, don't forget I have fevers
... I wouldn't be here if it wasn't serious, I'm taking heavy pain killers at night because of this
... [he said he doesn't see infectious pockets in the ultrasound] the ultrasound the day before I almost died from nf also didn't show infectious pockets, the ultrasound transmitter wasn't focused on the correct area. I don't want to take any more chances.

Anyway, he finally wrote the referral, but with the "this test is expensive" talk. Whatever.

Next step is to get an appointment soon. The wait for MRI is a few months. I have some protectsia, though, which I hope can move things along fast.

My faith is getting stronger, and with that, my strength.
I'm gonna be fine. :-)


  1. Hooray for you!! I know you are gonna be fine!!

  2. Yes, you are! I am rooting for you. I want so much to see you in a good place, and while the battle seems to be one you must fight, I/we are here if you need us. Meanwhile, we have to make another coffee date!
    Love, Miriam