Friday, November 28, 2008


As this week draws to a close, the ping-pong game is slowing down. Ping-pong meaning that the difficulties I encounter bounce back & forth between emotional and physical on a very regular basis. But, the past few days, I have felt frustration, but not depression, in response to the physical problems I have been dealing with. It is actually a bit of a relief to not have the burden of depression these days.

But, the burden of the physical problem is really tough. Every evening, or late afternoon, without fail, I have a low-grade fever, extreme fatigue, and a very painful hip and thigh. The process of starting to evaluate what is going on will start Sunday with the plastics clinic first. I haven't been there since last April when I got released from the hospital after the cellulitis. I'm sure they miss me...

In the meantime, I cooked a bit for Shabbat today; something I haven't done (except for challot) in a long time. I made stuffed eggplant with techina (ground sesame butter), and spicy chick peas with tomatoes. Yum! Robert was so happy to have me cooking together with him. As was I.

Now I gotta get off my leg or else I won't be able to be comfortable enough to sit at the table tonight and enjoy my family.

Next week there are many appointments. Not only the plastics clinic, but the ENT, and the new therapist. A lot for one week, but it's the fruits of taking action this week to make these appointments.

Please Gd continue to give me strength for myself and my family. Such brachot under this roof. I am so grateful for ....gratitude!

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  1. Hang in there. I am grateful that you have the gratitude!