Thursday, December 4, 2008

inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow...

One surgery down, one to go. Or maybe we shouldn't count, isn't that bad luck or something?

Anyway, Emma is doing great. She got home yesterday very dopey and stoned. She had such a boo-boo face. I could so understand that her body hurt. I put her to 'bed' in her favorite blanket, and she slept most of the rest of the day. Poor thing also threw up from the medicines. Today she slept a lot, but also ate & drank, and went for a short walk with me. All bodily functions are working. :-)

This is the last stage in "operation adopt Emma"; first let her have her babies, let her nurse, take care of the puppies, get them all adopted after a few months, get her immunized after she finishes nursing, then fix her (at vet's suggestion). It's over. But, she is only the second day after surgery... in my case, NF didn't rear it's ugly head until after that.... Is there such a thing as necrotizing doggiitis? Come on, you knew I'd make that crack.
She's fine. :-)

I am coming to terms with Azriel's upcoming surgery. It may be as soon as Dec 18th, but we're not sure. It is an overnight stay in the hospital, but it won't be at Soroka. It'll be at the same place Dov's was, a different medical center in Be'er Sheva, where this particular doctor practices. He needs the surgery, and I have to be brave for him. I also have to daven (pray).

Today we found out from the optometrist that Shifra needs glasses. She will be 6 tomorrow (!), and has been complaining of headaches a lot. When we took her to our pediatrician, she did an eye exam superficially, and she said we need to go to a pediatric optometrist. Turns out she has an astigmatism, and is also near sighted. Since she is so young, the process is longer here to actually get the glasses. It'll be in a month or 6 weeks. The important thing is that now we know where her headaches are coming from, and that she'll have the glasses soon. It's good that it's before she'll go to first grade next year.
She said she wants glasses just like mine. :-)

I am really doing well these days. Aside from the leg pain and occasional low-grade fevers, I'd be convinced that it is pretty much behind me! I have been feeling like I'm on level ground, which is amazing. Everyone around me is noticing it, too. I am also so much more relaxed and available when the kids come home. That is also largely due to the fact that I don't do the carpooling. We have a guardian angel helping us; a man in our community who volunteered to help with the driving. I was able to accept the help. He does it on the days Robert isn't home. He has a heart of gold. If you are reading this, D, ...thanks. :-)

Still waiting for a date for the MRI. I need to find out what this pain is from and treat it.

Well, I still have the clarity to see that I'm gonna be OK. I'm going to have my health back, and my peace of mind will be a 'new & improved' model. :-)

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