Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too much partying for this lady

[There was a time long ago and far away that the words "too much" and "partying" would just never appear in the same sentence in my world. ..."the times, they are a'changin"...]

Well, what goes up must come down.

It's not far down, but predictable, nonetheless, right?

I had a great few weeks of feeling good and that my physical problems are "katan alai" (small things for me). Last week there was the 4 days in Modi'in with traveling and excitement and family (and it's accompanying tumult). Then on Sunday night we (Robert & I) went to a wedding of a friends' son. I knew that was really pushing it to go to the wedding after the whole trip we did with the travel and the late nights, but it was important for us to go. The mother of the groom specificaly expressed personal hopes to see us there. We misssed their other kids' weddings because I was in the hospital each time, so she looked at it as a blessing if we (I) could be there with them.
It was also, by the way, our 11th wedding anniversary the same night. :-)

That wedding was soooo loud. I did dance, and was happy about that. I did enjoy myself with friends dancing & laughing, thankfully. It was just that it was so loud, and there were strobe lights. I think that was the hardest thing- the strobe lights. I had to keep my hands over my eyes when they put them on. And the noise.
We got home at around 11:30pm, and I slept late Monday morning. But yesterday was a mess for me. I got irritated at the children, and I was feeling sick, and my leg was killing me. I went to sleep with a headache last night and woke up still with it this morning, after many bad dreams and an unsettling sleep. I know the wedding was over the edge for me, but sometimes it's good to do things that will make others feel good, too. The mother & father of the groom both expressed warm feelings at seeing us there, and at the beginning when I saw the mother, she immediately took my hands and wished me a happy anniversary, and said how wonderful it is to have me with them at their simcha. But, in retrospect, we should have left after the marriage ceremony and skipped the party. But you know, we were with friends, and we went with the flow, and enjoyed ourselves. I did know, however, that the next few days would be a challenge. And they are. I feel lousy physically & emotionally. Bummer. But, I am still satisfied with our decisions. I just have to stick it out until equlibrium returns.

Another bummer is about the whole MRI thing. I did get the approval to have it done, but they gave me an appointment in *APRIL*. Now I have to fight... again, to have it done ASAP. I don't have many connections over there at MRI; it's not like the bone scan place that they took me the same day. MRI is always a wait, but 4 months is rediculous. I have to scout out the right people now to support me and get it done earlier. I just am so frustrated and drained thinking about having to do that.

Ending on a bright note, my father-in-law is with us now, and he is doing great, B"H. Last time he was in Israel, you may remember, he had a serious health crisis. Now he is back, and is himself again. He's going back to the U.S. on Sunday, so it is a shorter trip this time, too. Then things will loosten up again with me, I'm reasonably sure.

I used to hope, now I am reasonably sure. :-)

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  1. Hey, Sarah,
    It really is fantastic to have you back! And it was fun dancing with you the other night at the wedding. I'm sorry it sapped all your energy. But you looked okay when I saw you in your car today. Hope you did manage to bounce back.

    I still have this really great quote to read to you, so I'll try to call later tonight.

    Love, Miriam