Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Azriel on being a 3-yr-old in a war

Me to kids: [in living room] I'm going out now to walk Emma, I'll be back in 20 minutes. Abba is home.
Azriel: OK, be careful of the siren!
Me: Ok, I'll be in safe places, I promise.
Azriel: don't let the siren eat you!
Me: oh, sweetie, the siren doesn't eat people. It makes a loud sound in order to protect us from the boombooms that are coming.
Azriel: Oh, it protects us? Not Hashem protects us?
Me: [getting down on my knees to his height, wondering what will come out of my mouth for *this* one] Well, Hashem protects us like He protects all the people, everywhere. The sirens make a loud noise to tell us there is a boomboom coming, and to go to a safe place, like our boomboom room.
Azriel: Hashem and the siren protect us? Always? All the people?
Me: Hashem protects all the people, always. The sirens WARN us, and it's only when there is a war, like now.
Azriel: What is war?


  1. Catching up today with your Blog, Sarah. Your conversation with Azriel reminded me of conversations I had w/Rafi when he was little and was trying to understand what a terrorist was. One day soon I'll share with you what I wrote....

    Hang in there! Look forward to tomorrow!

    Love, Miriam