Thursday, January 29, 2009

Forget lotto- I'm thinkin'- update life insurance

I hope you are sitting down. Klein's own "believe it or not" here. Second visit to the ER in as many days.

So, you know those migraines I've been getting for a few weeks consistently now? I went to my doctor today to consult about it. He prescribed a migraine medicine for me. I filled the script and took it, seeing as I had a raging headache for 16 hours already, I was desperate.

Twenty minutes later my throat swelled, lips swelled, chest got tight... bad allergic reaction. Thankfully Robert was working close to home today, and I called him to come. I was home with Shifra, also, of course- chicken pox, with conjunctivitis now.

He came, he got our neighbor's 17 year old kid to stay with Shifra (Robert just yelled over to their house to come out if anyone's home), and put the petal to the metal to get to the ER with my throat continuing to swell.

They gave me an antihistamine shot, and the reaction started to subside. I got home 2 hours later, after "observation".

I slept at home for 5 or 6 hours, and I'm up a bit now. The crappy thing about this whole thing is... I still have a headache. Not as bad, though, I took it off migraine status, just a headache. But, hey, don't I get any slack here?

I'm going to try acupuncture. Enough drugs. My body is very clear about that.

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