Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I **Really** have to get a lottery card!!

It's that whole "what are the chances" concept I discussed in a previous post.

I Just returned from the emergency room with Azriel (3-year-old). He's fine, just split his chin open falling on the stairs. He's OK, but c'mmon, the kid still has scabs from the kitchen pops! (And you should see his sister). When the nurse asked me what are the scabby cuts from, before I could answer, he chimed in with "kitchen pops!". She laughed. Even with blood running down his neck, he's still the charmer.

They glued it closed and covered it up. No wetting the area for 4 days, go to the pediatrician on the 5th day. That's it.

Please Gd protect this small child from any infections in his new wound. And while I got Your attention, please let us all sleep through the night, and please give Azriel a special exemption from feeling more pain.


  1. Tamar split her chin by a fall on stairs on Shabbat a week or so after we'd made aliyah and they glued it together just like you described. And she's recovered rather well. Refuah Shelema to Ariel!

  2. Go get that lottery card now!
    By the time you read this you'll hopefully be fully recovered from your next "experience" and be able to put it behind you. Call me if you need anything at all.
    What I really wanted to say here is what I omit when I speak on the phone with you or Robert - refuah shleima v'mehira (a quick and full recovery) to you, to Azriel and to Shiffra! In the interest of keeping words brief, it feels that it goes without saying. But I'm saying it here. My thought are with you always. I truly hope you now get a respite from all the bad luck and start enjoying a run of the good kind.