Sunday, January 11, 2009

home is good

Four days away from sirens was nice, but it is so good to be back home. I picked up Emma from Sabrina's place, and realized I missed her so much. I just need to be home these days. The added pressure of being in a war tips my scales just enough that I need to be home in order to be able to cope better.

We had a nice time with all our friends, and got to see people we hadn't seen in so long, and that was great. We were staying in an apartment of neighbors of our friends, and, as it was good to have our own space, it was hard to take care of someone else's things and make sure nothing gets damaged in any way. There were no toys there (it belongs to an older lady), and it was stressful. We had no use of a kitchen, but we had most of our meals with our friends who lived downstairs who were hosting us.

And... Azriel now has chicken pox. There is an expression in Hebrew that goes "that is what is missing in my life!". Poor guy, tonight's bath and pajamas showed many spots on chest, back and thighs. He seems OK for now, though. I hope it won't get too bad.

May it ever be so targeted, there's no place like home.
Now we have to figure out how to deal with the possibility of yet another week with no school. That is such a hard aspect of this whole thing.

I'm actually not doing so well on many fronts, but there is a war going on so I gotta put it on a back burner and plow on. My problems pale as I am standing in a store listening to a soldier in front of me talking about Hizballah and Hamas and Gaza, where he is in active combat. He was there to buy a coke and cigarettes.

I just hope that I can plow on, it's not that easy. And, I don't know when Lili will be back again.

I am, and always will be, attached with heart and soul to this land, and will never leave willingly. I am home.
So, Master of the Universe, please protect our home.

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