Monday, January 12, 2009

Pox, pain, and prayer (oh my!)

Azriel with chicken pox (or 'kitchen pops' as his little 3-year-old brain interprets it). He has a bad case, and I feel helpless. He can't sleep, and if I hold him and rock him enough to sleep, he's up in a half hour crying again about the pain/itch. All I can do is to slather calamine lotion (or Fenistil) all over him, and give him acamol for the fever. I need Benadryl, and at this late hour I can't find an available doctor to write me a perscription.

Also there were three air-raid sirens today. One happened while I was walking Emma, and both of us freaked out a bit. We ran to a nearby stone wall and waited it out until after the Kassam hit and we were safe to go walk again. Poor little dogie was shaking after that. So was I.

I've also reached a new level of hip & thigh pain. It is getting harder for me to drive the van. It's standard shift, and the left hip pain just screams now when I have to shift.

A few more weeks until the MRI in Hadassa Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. I will keep trying to get a cancellation in Soroka, but that is quite unlikely. With the war now, there are many soldiers in Soroka, and the hospital is on high alert. They need the MRI machines much more than they ever did before. I'll go to J'm on the 26th and have it done. Then, please Gd, I'll have a solid diagnosis and start physical therapy for it. The pain just keeps getting worse.

I have been having such horrendous dreams every night. They haunt me through the day afterwards, also. They leave lingering feelings that are unsettling.

I want to learn about the prayer for amelioration of a dream. Maybe it's time I give it a try. Each trial in my path is there to make me strive to be closer to The Creator's idea of how I am supposed to be. Again, I wish I had those blueprints.

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  1. Here's a { H U G }. Sounds scary to be out when the siren goes off. I sure hope Azriel starts to feel better soon.

    Are you still doing the lymph massage? Is that helping at all?